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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · March 10, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,                  the world. You could choose to  the 1950’s, I was awakened,  one would gather around the
        Jerry Crownover
                                         drink your coffee from a Sty- each day, to the sweet aroma  kitchen table, to consume gen-
                                         rofoam cup, a paper version  of our one and only choice for  erous portions of eggs, bacon,
                                         (new or recycled), a plastic  coffee—Folgers. It came in  biscuits and gravy. Everyone,
                                         mug that you brought from  a metal can, that had to be  except my father, would have
                                         home, or a fancy, thirty-dol- unsealed with a mechanical  fresh milk to drink with their
                                         lar porcelain or metallic de- opener; said can would usu- meal. Dad would have a boil-
                                         vice, that is guaranteed to  ally last several weeks, before  ing hot cup of coffee, served in
                                         keep your five-dollar coffee  beginning its second life as  a cup, with a very deep dish
                                         just as warm, for your eve- a feed scoop, flower vase, or  saucer underneath it. I can
                                         ning trip back home, as it was  holder  of  various  important  still remember him carefully
                                         that morning. What you won’t  items, from fence staples to  tipping the cup of coffee to one
                                         find, at any of these above  Grandma’s stash of cash.                side, to watch the saucer slow-
                                         mentioned places, is a saucer.       Our day would begin a lit- ly fill with the steaming hot
                                            Growing up on a farm, in  tle before daylight, and every-
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         Research tells us that the
       average American  commut-
       er, on their way to work each                            A STEP AH E AD
       day, passes by 14 locations,
       from which they could pur-
       chase coffee.  This would in-                 THE ADVANTAGE
       clude convenience stores, fast
       food  franchises, restaurants/
       cafes, and Starbucks or Star-
       bucks-like places. The person                             Y O U C A N TRU S T
       would have the option of se-
       lecting one of 79 flavors of
       coffee, for which the majority
       have been imported from 25
       different countries  around

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