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RUSSIAN INVASION                                                                           The Midwest Cattleman · March 10, 2022 · P10
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      ports for about a third of its  Russia exported almost as  crisis). Most of the beef that  major  suppliers  of  fertiliz-
      pork consumption. However,  much chicken as it imported.  Russia bought in 2021 came  ers. High feed and energy
      in 2021, USDA points out  Since 2010, Russian domestic  from two sources: Paraguay  costs are negative for U.S.
      that Russian domestic pork  chicken consumption has in- and Belarus,” Steiner Con- livestock producers, and they
      consumption was 26% higher  creased 36% while domestic  sulting Group wrote.                            will  negatively  impact  their
      than in 2010 and the country  chicken production increased              Russian imports from Be- ability to bring more product
      is now a net exporter of pork.   67%.                                 larus are unlikely to be af- to market. Ultimately this is
         Despite     African     swine      Meanwhile, beef has been  fected by Russia’s invasion of  bad news for U.S. meat pro-
      fever (ASF) outbreaks during  a more difficult protein to  Ukraine. Steiner Consulting  tein consumers.”
      this time period, Russia in- secure within Russia consid- Group believes the impact                        Steiner Consulting Group
      creased its domestic pork  ering land limitations and  from a reduction in South  said what’s even more uncer-
      output by 86% and complete- domestic preferences. Rus- American imports is likely to  tain  is  how  a  further  spike
      ly eliminated its dependence  sian beef consumption has  be minimal on global trade.   in inflation could impact do-
      on imports, Steiner Consult- declined 32% since 2010 and                “Bottom line: Impact from  mestic and export demand.
      ing Group said.                    domestic production is 5%  restrictions on Russian pro-                 “In this context, high-
         In the early 2000s, more  lower than it was 11 years  tein purchases in the world  priced proteins, like beef,
      than half of the chicken that  ago.                                   market are likely to have  face more downside risk than
      Russian citizens consumed             “Russia still buys beef in  no impact on global trade,”  pork or chicken,” Steiner
      came from imports. By 2010,  the world market, but that  Steiner Consulting Group  Consulting Group wrote.
      Russia’s imported share had  volume is down 67% from  said.  “However, Russia and                       Drovers
      dropped to 27% and last year  where it was in 2010 and even  Ukraine are major contrib-
      imports accounted for just 5%  smaller than it was in 2006  utors to global grain and
      of consumption. Meanwhile,  or 2007 (before the financial  oil trade, and they are also

      RECORD BEEF                        volume destination for U.S.  tion declines due to tighten- to 2021. Exports to China
      continued from page 3              beef exports followed closely  ing cattle supplies. USDA is  will again be the wild card
                                         by South Korea (22 percent).  currently forecasting a 2.8  in determining whether 2021
         Considering 2021 as a  In total, the five countries in  percent decline in beef pro- export levels are sustainable.
      whole, USDA estimates beef  the chart below accounted for  duction during 2022 and a
      exports totaled 3.45 billion  80 percent of total exports.            5.1 percent decline in beef
      pounds according to the               Beef imports were near  exports in 2022 as compared
      latest  World Agricultural  2020 levels totaling 3.35 bil-
      Supply and Demand Esti- lion pounds. Canada, Mexico,
      mates (WASDE) report. This  and New Zealand were the
      was nearly 17 percent above  primary sources of beef im-
      2020 export levels and 9 per- ports at 28, 20, and 15 per-
      cent higher than the previous  cent share.  Australia, typi-
      record year 2018. Entering  cally a top two import source,
      2021, exports were forecast- was only the fourth largest at
      ed to be 3.09 billion pounds.      12 percent followed by Brazil
         Growth in beef exports  at 11 percent. Together, these
      to mainland China was the  five  countries  accounted  for
      biggest driver of the over- 87 percent of total beef im-
      all growth in exports during  ports. Imports from Australia
      2021. As shown in the chart  were down 38 percent from
      above, China (16 percent  2020; however,  their  herd is
      share) was the third largest  expected to further rebuild in
      destination for US beef ex- 2022 amid improving rainfall
      ports during 2021 and sur- conditions.
      passed Mexico (9 percent)             Looking ahead, exports
      and Canada (8 percent).  At  are expected to decline in
      23 percent of total exports,  2022 amid higher prices and
      Japan was again the largest  as total U.S. beef produc-

      LIFE                               ing, hot drink. I can still hear  I kept both of them a secret       soon as morning chores were
      continued from page 5              Dad’s alternate blowing, sip- from Mom for many years.               completed. When he took his
      liquid. Dad would then reach  ping, and satisfied “ahhhs,” as           While Dad slowly sipped         last sip of coffee from the old,
                                                                                                              stained saucer, it was as if a
      for the Mason jar of rich, gold- he consumed what must have  his coffee, from the saucer,               starting pistol had been fired
      en, Jersey cream, and dip two  been so delicious.                     the rest of us ate and listened   at an Olympic race, and we
      or three tablespoons of the           Mom refused to allow me,  to the AM radio, that dutiful-          all scattered to get our work
      thick nectar (the  cream  was  or my sisters, to consume cof- ly reported the cattle and hog            done.
      much too thick to pour) into  fee, for it was, “something for  prices, from yesterday’s trad-              Ahhhh,  for  the  want  of  a
      his saucer of coffee. Since I sat  adults to drink,” and much too  ing, and the weather forecast        saucer.
      to his right, I could watch the  strong and habit forming for  for today and tomorrow. After
      tiny globules of fat, from the  kids to partake. As a matter  the markets and weather,
      cream, expand and explode as  of fact, I drank my first beer  Dad gave all of us our daily
      they mixed with the steam- before I ever drank coffee, and  duties, to be carried out as
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