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                                         copy of the Missouri Con-
                                         servationist in hand.  It’s a
                                         beautiful publication  with
                                         some amazing color photos
                                         in every issue.  I heard her
                                         say to Korvin…  “Tell me a
                                         story about this one.”   The
                                         photo was a picture of a
                                         housecat  intently  watching
                                         a bird through the window.
                                         He seemed excited to make
                                         up a story.  They went to the
         They  say,  “once  a  teach- next page, and I heard her
      er, always a teacher" and I  again say,  “Tell me a story
      believe it’s true.  School is  about this.”   So, it went on
      never out and  ‘Pop’, that’s  for a while just like that.
      me, never tires of teaching           ‘Nana’ had to get up and
      lessons around the farm.  For  go do something in another
      grandchildren of old teach- room, so I thought I would
      ers, there is rarely any time  fill in until she returned.  I  some corn stock fodder.  In  answered.  ‘No, but at least
      off.  There’s just no recess!      grabbed the most recent  the photo, the calf cannot be  you’re thinking.” I replied.
         My wife Glenna, also  issue of  The Midwest Cat- more than a couple of min-                             I asked again:
      known as ‘Nana’, was also in  tleman, the Hereford Edi- utes old.  I admit to a seven-                     How old is he?”  “Two.”
      education and the same goes  tion, from the coffee table,  year-old, it’s a little hard to  “Two what?”  “Two minutes?”
      for her, I guess.  She’s always  and sat down beside Korvin.   tell what it is but after he  “Yes, so where was he three
      teaching something.  It’s  We looked at the cover and I  stared at it for a while he  minutes ago?”
      a great way to spend time  said, “Tell me a story about  said, “Hey that's a baby calf.”                   I could see the frustration
      with those special people.  this.”                                      Like any good teacher, not  begin to build.  This seven-
      She’d rather do that than             If you recall, the recent  to be satisfied with one cor- year-old was beginning to
      anything.                          Hereford Edition (Feb. 24th)  rect answer, I continued.              tire of Pop’s questions, so I
         Recently, she was sitting  has a picture of a Here-                  I said, “Today is his birth- reached for another maga-
      beside  our seven-year-old  ford cow on the cover that  day,  how  old  is  he?”    The  zine.
      grandson Korvin with a  has just had a baby calf on  seven- year-old just stared at                        I said, “See right here on
                                                                            the photo a while, but there  this magazine, this is my ad-
                                                                            was no answer.  Finally, I  dress and let's say I just got
                                                                            said, “He’s about two.”  “Two  it two minutes ago… Where
                                                                            years?”  He asked. “No, about  was it three minutes ago?”
                                                                            two minutes.”  I replied.            “In the mailbox,” he an-
                                                                              Then of course, as an old  swered excitedly, “I know, it
                                                                            agriculture     teacher     who was in the mailbox!”
                                                                            never gets tired of teaching,        “Yes!” I said,  “Exactly. I
                                                                            I asked my grandson the ob- got it two minutes ago and
                                                                            vious question.  “Where was  three minutes ago it was in
                                                                            he three minutes ago?”            the mailbox.”
                                                                              That question brought on           Now I returned to the orig-
                                                                            a long silence as he stared at  inal lesson – ‘Animal Repro-
                                                                            the photo.                        duction for Seven-year-olds’.
                                                                              “Come on now, think about          “How old is the calf.”
                                                                            it.”  I said,  “he's about two       “Two?”
                                                                            minutes old, where was he            “Yes, two what?”
                                                                            three minutes ago?”                  “Two minutes?”
                                                                              The conversation went on           “Yes, two minutes old.
                                                                            for quite a while.  We estab- Now where was he three
                                                                            lished the fact that this cow  minutes ago?
                                                                            was  indeed  it's  mother  and       My grandson had a spar-
                                                                            that this calf had been born  kle in his eye.  He finally
                                                                            a few minutes ago and we  knew the answer.
                                                                            also discussed why it was im-        “I know,” he said. “It was
                                                                            portant not to disturb a cow  in the mailbox!”
                                                                            right after she has calved so        I never will be able to look
                                                                            she can have time to get ac- at a mailbox again in quite
                                                                            quainted with the new baby  the same way.
                                                                            because it needs to eat soon         And every time I open one,
                                                                            after it's born.                  I’m  certainly  going  to  won-
                                                                              “The calf looks wet, doesn’t  der if there's going to be a
                                                                            he?”  I said, “Where do you  baby calf inside.
                                                                            think he was three min-           KwC
                                                                            utes ago?”  “The pond?” He
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