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       Drought Impacts Advancing Rapidly

                        By Derrell Peel -                                                                     er decreases in placements
                        Oklahoma State                                                                        over 700 pounds leading to
                        University                                                                            an overall decline  in place-
                                                                                                              ments.   Placements would
                           The     July
                        Cattle Report                                                                         have fallen faster without
                        confirmed                                                                             the lightweight placements.
                                                                                                              Increased lightweight place-
                        that the cu-
       mulative effects of drought                                                                            ments now mean that fewer
                                                                                                              cattle will be available for
       the  past  two  years  have  ac-
       celerated liquidation of the                                                                           placement later.
                                                                                                                 The July Cattle on Feed re-
       beef cattle herd.    The July
       1 inventory of all cattle and                                                                          port also included the quar-
                                                                                                              terly breakdown of steers and
       calves was 98.8 million head,
       down 2.0 percent year over                                                                             heifers on feed, with steer in-
                                                                                                              ventories down 1.1 percent
         The beef cow herd de-                                                                                from last year but heifers
       creased by 2.4 percent year                                                                            on feed up 2.9 percent year
       over year, a decline of 750,000                                                                        over year.   Heifer slaughter
                                                                                                              is up 3.9 percent for the year
       head  from  last  year  to  the  steers (over 500 pounds) plus  inventories, but the year over
       current total of 30.35 million  calves (under 500 pounds)  year gap is declining.                      to date and this July heifer
                                                                                                              inventory means that heifer
       head.  From the recent peak  minus cattle on feed.  The es-            June feedlot marketings
       in 2018, the July beef cow in- timated July 1 feeder supply  were up 2.0 percent year over             slaughter will continue large
                                                                                                              in the second half of the year.
       ventory has declined by 6.3  was down 2.7 percent from  year.   Placements in June
                                                                                                                 There are indications that
       percent, or a total of 2.05 mil- last year.                          were down 2.4 percent from        drought impacts have accel-
       lion head.  The July invento-        The monthly Cattle on  one year ago.    This is the
       ry of beef replacement heif- Feed report puts July 1 feed- fourth consecutive month of                 erated sharply in the south-
                                                                                                              ern plains in July.  The per-
       ers was down by 3.5 percent  lot inventories at 11.34 mil- lower feedlot placements.  In
       year over year.                   lion head, a scant 0.4 percent  the  past two months,  place-        cent of Oklahoma pastures
                                                                                                              and  ranges  rated  as  poor  to
         Feeder cattle supplies are  above last year.   July, along  ments have consisted of in-              very  poor jumped  from 18
       estimated from the sum of in- with every other month this  creased numbers of cattle
       ventories of other heifers and  year has had record monthly  under 700 pounds with sharp-                            continued on page 18
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