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The Midwest Cattleman · August 11, 2022 · P9
         What’s your baled forage worth?

                         By Lee Beers, OSU Extension Educator
         Depending on your perspec- off your farm quickly, but that
      tive, the dry weather in the re- may be a costly strategy.
      gion has either been a blessing    Adding up the costs
      or a curse.                           Before you  “just get rid of
         This hay season has been        it”,  let’s consider the  cost of
      relatively stress-free so far      that bale. We all know fertil-
      without a fear of rain, but if     izer prices are extremely high
      it doesn’t rain soon, we will be   right now, and there is nutri-
      looking at reduced tonnage for     ent value in that baled for-
      second and third cuttings. Not     age. For every ton of dry hay
      to mention that we are fast ap-    you harvest, you are removing
      proaching corn pollination and     approximately 40 pounds of
      we will need some significant      nitrogen, 12 pounds of P2O5        small square bale would have  or  taxes,  machine  deprecia-
      rain during pollination for a      and 45 pounds of K2O. Each         about $1.50 worth of nutrients. tion, labor, storage, time, other
      good yield.                        forage species will differ, but      High prices don’t stop at fer- costs, and the quality of your
         Yields have been good for       these values are a good start-     tilizer — fuel, twine, net wrap,  hay. Once you start to take all
      baled forage in northeast Ohio,    ing point for most grass and       plastic, equipment, parts, labor  those factors into consider-
      and with lots of time to make      legume species.                    and just about everything else  ation, it is possible to have $40
      dry forage, some farmers are          If we look at that extra hay    is more expensive this year.      or more invested in each bale.
      prepared to sell extra hay. If     as fertilizer, we can put a dollar   If we continue to use the       Future needs
      you find yourself in a similar     value on the nutrients using       1,000-pound round bale as an         You should also consider
      situation, be sure to consider     current 2022 fertilizer prices.    example and add $0.83 for net     your future forage needs. If
      all costs before you put a price      Assuming      approximately     wrap  and  another  $1.55  for    you have  “extra” now, what
      on  your  forage.  Unlike  some    one-third of the nitrogen would    fuel to harvest the hay, there    will your forage situation look
      other items you sell off your      be available, one round bale       is now $32.88 invested in that    like if future cuttings are light
      farm, you get to choose the        weighing 1,000 pounds would        bale. We haven’t even started     on tonnage or if you need to
      price for your forage. It’s easy   have  approximately  $30.50        to discuss the cost of trans-     feed hay to heifers or dry cows
      to say, “I just want to get rid of   worth of nutrients if it was     porting round bales back to the
      it” and price it low to move it    used as a fertilizer. A 50-pound   farm,  land  rental  prices  and/               continued on page 19

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