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The Midwest Cattleman · August 11, 2022 · P2
                                               Y YOU’VE OU’VE                      Pneu-Dart’s       remote       delivery

                                                                                   technology helps you keep your
                                            SPENT A PENT A
                                            S                                      herd healthy at the first sign of
                                                                                   infection. Our Remote Delivery
                                                                                   Devices are lighter, shorter and
                                             LIFETIME IFETIME
                                             L                                     equipped   ©  with    our    patented
                                                                                   Slo-Inject  technology.  So go
                            MANAGINGANAGING                                        ahead and treat your animals
                                                                                   at the first sign of infection.
                                                                                   Your herd will thank you.

                            YOUR HEUR HERDRD  >  866.299.DART

                                                                                    S E R V I C E
                                                                                  O F
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