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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · August 11, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,                  icon status as a cowboy poet,  had the unique pleasure of  been serving on a state-wide
        Jerry Crownover
                                         newspaper and magazine col- meeting Baxter Black, and  committee, with the  Young
                                         umnist,  TV personality, story  spending an entire afternoon  Farmers  Association,  helping
                                         teller  extraordinaire,  country  with him, one-on-one. It was  to plan and conduct their an-
                                         philosopher,  entertainer,  and  one of the most memorable  nual national convention. It
                                         all-around funny man. Even as  afternoons of my life, and I  was  early  December,  and  the
                                         he achieved unparalleled suc- learned so much from the gen- convention              was    underway,
                                         cess, in all of these matters, it  tleman, who was just as per-      with hundreds of young farm-
                                         always seemed as if he would  sonable and down-to-earth, as  ers in attendance, from all
                                         be more comfortable atop a  he had been portrayed, through  over the United States.  That
                                         good horse, somewhere out  his writings and appearances.             morning, the chairman of the
                                         west.                                I was still teaching at the  event asked me if I could find
                                            Twenty-eight years ago, I  university in 1994, and had                          continued on page 18

         Rural  America lost a true
      champion of our lifestyle, with
      the recent passing of Dr. Bax-
      ter Black. Those of us, who live
      in flyover country, probably ha-
      ven’t had anyone of notoriety,
      who could express our values
      and common sense, with as
      much passion, humor and elo-
      quence, as Baxter did, since the
      late, great Will Rogers.
         Baxter Black was a man
      who  studied to  be, and  be-
      came, a large animal veteri-
      narian, long before he achieved

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