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         Summer Mineral Nutrition

                                   By Paul Beck
         Mineral nutrition is com- even when the mineral costs
      plex, with different macro  more!
      minerals (required as per-            •One of the first visible
      centage  of diet)  and micro  symptoms of a copper defi-
      minerals (required in ppm of  ciency is a dulling of the hair
      diet) that are of concern. Our  coat, but deficiencies have
      forages  also  do  not  stay  the  probably already affected im-
      same in mineral composition  mune function and growth
      throughout the year and dif- before this sign shows up.
      fer by region of the state. In        •Research shows zinc sup-
      addition, cattle in different  plementation improves hoof
      stages of production have dif- and eye health.
      ferent minerals that we need          Native range pastures are
      to keep in mind.                   often deficient in sodium,
         Minerals that we most  calcium, phosphorus, magne-
      often have  issues  with in- sium, cobalt, copper, and zinc  rus can be included at lower  able that recommend 2 ounce
      clude sodium (provided by  for both growing stockers  levels.                                           per day consumption, but
      salt), calcium, phosphorus,  and cows. A 12% calcium 6%                 •Red      salt   blocks    (or many require 4-ounce con-
      magnesium, cobalt, copper,  phosphorus mineral mixture  trace-mineralized salt) are  sumption. Monitor mineral
      and zinc. Minerals  are in- providing highly available  not good sources of micro  consumption to ensure ade-
      volved in all aspects of the  micro minerals works well  minerals and usually do not  quate intake.
      animal’s life. Calcium, phos- for growing stocker calves.  provide sufficient mineral
      phorus, and copper are im- Cows need a 12% calcium,  concentrations  or  quality  to                    Drovers
      portant for bone strength  12% phosphorus mineral to  meet cattle’s needs.
      and development. Calcium  meet requirements.                            •Watch the suggested con-
      and magnesium are essential           In well-managed bermu- sumption of minerals fed.
      in nerve and muscle function.  dagrass pastures, phospho- Mineral mixtures are avail-
      Phosphorus has roles in en- rus is often only marginally
      ergy metabolism, cell mem- deficient or adequate, but
      brane structure, and rumen  calcium can be variable,                                     INSECT-A-SOCK...
      microbe growth and function.  ranging from deficient to ade-              REDUCE FLIES, LICE, TICKS, MOSQUITOES
      Cobalt, copper, and zinc have  quate. Zinc is often sufficient                                                       USA PATENT #8,353,260
      roles in immune function.  in bermudagrass. In Eastern
      Deficiencies of phosphorus,  Oklahoma, highly weathered
      copper, and zinc result in re- soils with low pH and miner-
      duced fertility.                   al antagonists (molybdenum
         •Salt is always deficient in  is a primary culprit) often
      forage-based diets.                results in copper deficiency.
         •Calcium should be at a  For growing stocker calves
      1:1 to 3:1 ratio with phospho- and lactating cows, miner-
      rus, but 7:1 can be tolerated. als should provide salt (18
         •Phosphorus is one of the  to 20%), calcium (12%), and
      more expensive ingredients  trace minerals from high-
      in mineral mixtures. It is im- ly  available sources such  as
      portant not to short on this  copper sulfate (copper oxide
      mineral when it is needed  is not digestible). Phospho-

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