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                                         have those folks who helped us     is this:   What we’re seeing in  need an ‘exchange program’.
                                         along the way.  There are real     the inner cities of late may well     If we truly do really have
                                         reasons why we are successful      be coming to a small town near  what this country needs, and
                                         or why we are not.   A lot of our   you very soon, unless it’s al- I believe we do, the sooner we
                                         stories would sound very much      ready there.                      figure out how to share it…
                                         alike.  If I say,  ‘hard worker’,    What if we do really have  the better we all will be.   We
                                         ‘sacrifice’,  ‘veteran’,  ‘someone   what this country needs?        have a story to tell… we have
                                         who would give you the shirt off     Nations that wish to get  not told it very well.  We had
                                         their back’… someone’s name-       along, do business, and under- better  find  a  way  to  get  in-
                                         someone’s face is likely to come   stand  each  other  better  have  ner-city youth leaders, as well
                                         to mind.  If you have those val-   long engaged in  ‘student ex- as their State Representatives
                                         ues listed above, chances are…     change’ programs.  Most of us  and Senators out to the farm
                                         each one has a name to go with     remember meeting or seeing  and out to the ranch somehow
         It’s all about shared experi-   it.                                an  ‘exchange student’ from a  so they can make a connection.
       ences.  That’s what brings us        Some did not get it.            foreign country in our school  Unless more Americans devel-
       all together.                        About  half  of  our  country   or community.  They were here  op a better connection with the
         There is a retired Florida      does not have those common         for reason – to have fun and see  land and with agriculture in
       congressman,  who  now  lives     values.  Maybe it is because       something new and different,  general, none of us are going to
       in Texas who came and spoke       some did not have those shared     but the goals of the program  fare very well.
       to some cattlemen in Missouri     experiences.  Maybe it’s because   were for them to better under-       Our product success, our
       not long ago at a regional meet-  they didn’t have those people,     stand our culture, values, and  way of life, and our children’s
       ing.  One message he left us:     or those kind of people in their   economy.                          future in this industry may de-
       “You have what this country       lives.   This is also much easier    We have a problem.  Half  pend on it.
       needs right here”, but he was     to understand when you under-      of our customers - half of the       Maybe you can do the most
       not talking about beef.  He was   stand that the ‘Left’ has been al-  country do not understand our  good by getting back on a school
       talking about values.  He was     lowed to run rampant- in every     culture, our values, or our role  board – even if you don’t have
       talking about an ethic, world-    part of our culture and media.     in the economy.  What you do  any kids in school.   It’s time for
       view, and perspective of citi-    They simply do not value what      and why it is important is sim- all of us to do… what we can
       zens in rural America.  He was    you and I value – not even close.    ply ‘foreign’ to many.   To make  do.
       talking about you.                But we all know, when it comes     matters worse, they are con-      KwC
         Where did he get it?            to helping someone get back on     stantly being lied to about most
         Even though Lt. Col.  Allen     track, one person, the right per-  of this in the media. Maybe we
       West grew up in  Atlanta, his     son, can make a big difference!
       values, and his story is very     Wouldn’t you agree?
       different from most of the other     When we hit the city limits,
       kids who grew up on the same      and what I mean is the inner
       block.  What made the differ-     city of our largest cities, it is
       ence?  He gives a lot of the credit   like going to a different country.
       to his grandparents – because,    This summer, many Americans
       you see, he spent his summers     chose  not  to  visit  Washington
       on their farm – working.  The     DC at all with their families
       list  of  jobs  he  was  given  is  a   because it is like visiting a
       long one.  In the process he be-  crime-ridden ‘third world coun-
       came a very capable young man     try’.  Crime is off the chart in all
       while many of his peers became    our larger cities - all over the
       ‘drug dealers‘ and ‘thugs’.   He   country.   Let’s face it.  Ameri-      PowerPost                                       PolyBraid
       credits his grandparents for his   can Marxism is real and grow-                               Grazing Management Tools!Management Tools!
       work ethic, his faith, and his    ing.  We can choose to ignore
       responsible thinking – the abil-  this whole issue.   We can for
       ity to make sound, responsible    a while, at least, but that is a
       decisions.  He credits them for   very dangerous approach in my
       his values, confidence, and tre-  opinion – it’s been tried before.
       mendous success in his mil-          There was a time that nearly                                                          Powerflex
       itary career.  In short, his life   everyone who lived in a town or                                                        PolyBraid
       would have likely turned out      city had some connection, pos-                                                        Best of the Best!
                                                                                                                               Best of the Best!
       much differently if he had not    sibly grandparents, to the farm
       had those experiences.   It is    or ranch.  That day is long past.
       not only knowing what ‘work’      Many families, even in Ameri-
       is and why it’s important, but    ca’s small towns and commu-
       also simple things like know-     nities in the Midwest, have no
       ing where our food comes from     real connection to the land or         Portable Ends/Corners    Pigtail or
                                                                                Portable Ends/Corners
                                                                                                         Pigtail or Tred-in Posts Tred-in Posts
       and even more advanced topics     what we might call – agricul-          Self Driving - in & out  More Tools of the Trade!e Tools of the Trade!
                                                                                Self Driving - in & out
       like knowing which end of a       tural values.   Unfortunately,
       cow gets up first.                even in these communities, we          Check our website for  website for NEW ProductsNEW Products &  & Monthly SpecialsMonthly Specials!!
                                                                                Check our
         Where did you get it?           have not done a very effective             Order
                                                                                    Order On-Line 24/7  •  FREE Catalog On-Line 24/7  •  FREE Catalog
         Think about your story.  Who    job of  ‘inoculating’ our young
       do you credit for whatever suc-   people very well against the lies     417-741-1230  •
       cess you have achieved?  We all   of the Left’.  What that means                              Seymour, MO
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