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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                   The Midwest Cattleman · August 5, 2021 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  structions I received from both  porch, watching thistles sprout  but they weigh more than five
                                         the surgeon and nurse. It’s like  up, like a freshly watered chia  pounds, so that is a no-no, also.
                                         sharing a cell with the warden. pet, banned from taking the             I have two more days to go,
                                            As usual, there are a thou- spray rig out to kill the wicked  before I receive a parole, and
                                         sand things that need doing  plants. When I get up and move  am allowed to drive again. I
                                         around the farm, but all of  to the back porch, I see a young  still won’t be allowed to “overly
                                         them either require the oper- bull here in the pasture where  exert myself” (do doctors have
                                         ation of a motorized vehicle, or  he shouldn’t be, and unclipped  any clue as to what farmers do,
                                         at least a little bit of strenuous,  seed heads that do nothing but  every day?), but I will, at least,
                                         physical exertion. According to  irritate the eyes of the cattle,  get a little caught up on the
                                         the warden, I’m not allowed to  setting them up for a record  most pressing of activities.
                                         do either.                         year of pinkeye. Fly mops on
                                            Helplessly, I sit on the front  the mineral feeders would help,                continued on page 16

         I can now remember what
      it’s like to be fifteen-years-old
      again…anxiously awaiting my
      chance to drive.
         I had to undergo a little med-
      ical procedure last week, at the
      hospital, and I was given very
      strict orders concerning what
      I could and couldn’t do for the
      first seven days after release.
      Normally,  I  would  take  those
      orders with a grain of salt, and
      fast-track my way back to my
      normal routine, but…my wife
      is a retired nurse…and she
      was witness to the stern in-

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