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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                      The Midwest Cattleman · April 1, 2021 · P5

        Copyright 2021,                  load the tractor, and be back
        Jerry Crownover                  home by bedtime that night.        Jack knew that if he drove  policeman lit them up. Im-
                                                                            past the trucker’s paradise,  mediately, Jack stopped his
                                            Jack driving, they depart-      he would surely find a local- truck and waited for the of-
                                         ed Missouri as soon as Joe’s       ly owned convenience store  ficer to walk up to their win-
                                         son’s  ballgame  ended  that       with cheaper diesel in this  dow.
                                         Friday night, and headed           small, Illinois town. Sure           “Whatcha guys up to?”
                                         north. About 1:00 A.M., Jack       enough, a couple miles down  asked the cop, as he shined
                                         realized they needed to refu-      the road, there was a conve- his flashlight throughout the
                                         el the truck and started look-     nience  store with  fuel that  cab.
                                         ing for the next exit. Luckily,    was ten cents cheaper. Unfor-        Jack explained where they
                                         there was an all-night truck       tunately, it was closed.          were  headed,  and  why  they
                                         stop at the very next one,           Upon doing a circle turn in
                                         but, being a frugal farmer,        the closed parking lot, a local                continued on page 19

         Jack and Joe (not their real
      names) have been the best of
      friends since childhood, even
      though they are both looking
      at forty in the rearview mir-
      ror. They both farm in south-
      ern Missouri, but Jack had
      recently found a deal, on-line,
      on a used tractor in Wiscon-
      sin, that was exactly what                New Day G149 ASA 3641156
      he was looking for. Thinking             SimAngus™      IR CAPITALIST E104 son
      that he and Joe were still               CE 10 | WW 90  | YW 150 | $API 148 | $TI 90
      twenty, he devised a plan for
      them  to leave,  late Friday
      evening, take turns driving
      all  night, be in  Wisconsin
      early on Saturday morning,

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