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                       April 1, 2021   Volume 27   No. 4

            MISSOURI PACKING PLANTS ANSWER                                    BEEF PROCESSING PLANT TO BE BUILT IN
                           PROCESSING GAP                                                         NORTH PLATTE

                   Contributing Writers Austin Black and Brenda Black         During the summer of 2019,
         Within a few                                                       the beef industry experienced
      short months of                                                       significant disruption when
      the       pandemic                                                    the beef plant in Holcomb,
      shutdown,        pro-                                                 Kansas had a major fire. Then,
      cessing       bottle-                                                 during the spring of 2020, the
      necks        quickly                                                  beef industry again experi-
      magnified        the                                                  enced significant  disruption
      need     for   more                                                   due to the COVID-19 Pandem-
      local meat pack-                                                      ic.   These events have shown     ties, have formed Sustainable
      ing  plants  in  the                                                  a bright light on the need for    Beef, LLC and seek to build a
      Heartland.  Inside                                                    more capacity in the beef pack-   small regional plant in North
      the borders of Mis-                                                   ing industry.                     Platte, Nebraska, to help the
      souri, new plant                                                        A  group  of  cattlemen  and
      development ceased until           headed  to the Kansas  City  investors, with deep Nebraska                         continued on page 16
      government funding became          Stockyards. Five generations         NATIONAL BEEF TO DOUBLE CAPACITY AT
                                         later, the family has sprawled
      available to reignite growth.
      Now facilities are being con-      into five surrounding coun-                                IOWA PLANT
                                         ties, and is involved in every
      structed, upgraded and ex-                                              To accommodate growing  Packing Co. LLC announced
      panded to accommodate the          link of the beef cattle produc-    demand for fed cattle sup- on March 17, plans to in-
                                         tion chain from cow-calf to
      growing need and create fur-                                          plies in Iowa, National Beef  crease capacity at its Iowa
      ther opportunities for beef        backgrounding, feed yards to                                               Premium       beef     pro-
                                         auction barns.  They've now
      producers  to  access  services                                                                               cessing plant in Tama,
      and explore specialized mar-       added the final link between                                               Iowa.  With an invest-
                                         cattleman and consumer.
      kets. Many of the new plants                                                                                  ment of more than
                                            “Livestock runs in my
      are pursuing USDA certifica-       veins,” said  Todd Hertzog,                                                $100 million, daily ca-
      tion, allowing customers to                                                                                   pacity at the plant is
      sell retail cuts  across state     plant manager of the new                                                   expected to double to
                                         facility. “My great uncle ran
      lines. It’s a lengthy and costly                                                                              2,500 head, requiring
      process, but proving worth-        R.B.  Rice Sausage.  So, this                                              the addition of a sec-
                                         industry is in our DNA.”
      while to provide maximum                                                                                              continued on page 18
                                            Todd's father Jim Hertzog
      marketing opportunity.             and his brother Brian part-             JAPAN TO RAISE TARIFFS ON U.S. BEEF
      Beef in Bates County               ner in the venture. Brian and                                By Greg Henderson
         In west central Missou- his wife Katie will continue                 Japan will increase tariffs
      ri, Hertzog Meat Company  to run the day to day oper-                 on U.S. beef temporarily in
      plans to open its USDA in- ations at the family feedlot               an effort to slow import vol-
      spected plant in May 2021.   and order buying business,               umes. Currently set at 25.8%,
      The Hertzog family heritage  as Jim stays at the helm of              the tariff will rise to 38.5%,
      in the beef industry dates  MoKan Livestock Auction.                  and will be in effect for one
      back 125 years to a Jackson           Like many plants, the           month, according to USDA’s
      County cattle rancher named  Hertzog Meat Company was                 Foreign Agricultural Service  imports reach 242,000 metric
      Jacob. He commandeered a  an existing vision jumpstart-               (FAS).                            tons for the fiscal year. Japan
      horse-drawn wagon driving  ed by the pandemic.  “We’ve                  As  part  of  a  2019  trade  Customs reported imports of
      cattle into downtown Lee's  always wanted to promote                  pact with the U.S., Japan is  US beef from April 1, 2020,
      Summit to load onto rail cars  our product to individual              allowed to raise tariffs if beef
                                                     consumers        and                                                   continued on page 18
                                                     there was not an
                                                     avenue to do that,”                                    Coming Sales-30
                                                     said Hertzog.                                          Life is Simple-5
                                                        The new plant
                                                     will provide them                                      Market Report-8
                                                     and dozens of local                                    Agribusiness
                                                     producers        the                                   Directory-28
                                                     ability to market
                                                      continued on page 10
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