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                    All Producers and Animal Lovers Need to Beware of Initiative 16 in Colorado
            By Jaclyn Krymowski for      Banning Artificial                 section (1) of this section so  Sanctuary volunteer since
               Protect the Harvest       Insemination, Pregnancy  long as the animal has lived  2017 where he was “trained
         A recent ballot initiative      Checks, Semen                      one quarter of their natural  in animal care support.”
      being proposed in the state of     Collection, and More               lifespan based on species,           Sage also lists himself
      Colorado is a serious concern         The change in (5) and  breed, and type of animal and  as co-founder of Colorado
      for farmers, veterinarians,        (3.5) are the two most nota- the animal is slaughtered in  PAUSE where he says,  “the
      and other animal welfarists.       ble. Changing subsection (5)  such a way that the animal  focus  of this campaign is
      The     initiative,   originally   according to this new pro- does not needlessly suffer.”  to define animal abuse for
      called Protect Animals from        posal would change  “sexual  This would essentially mean  farmed animals; while allow-
      Unnecessary Suffering and          act  with  an  animal”  so  that  that the age required for  ing for animal agriculture to
      Exploitation (PAUSE), has          it  “also includes any intru- legal slaughter and harvest  exist.”
      appeared before the title          sion or penetration, however  is greatly increased – which,             “To exist” is a broad term,
      board after it was filed with      slight, with an object or part  in the case of cattle, would be  but also tiptoes around the
      Colorado’s Secretary of State.     of a person’s body into an an- a full five years according to  notion that many of the stip-
      After a successful title board     imal’s anus or genitals.”          the language in this proposed  ulations on the ballot would
      hearing, it is now called Ini-        This also strikes out the  change.                                make many common animal
      tiative 16 in Colorado.  This      current language that reads,         Such a move would dev- husbandry and processing
      means that once enough sig-        “nothing in this subsection  astate not only farmers and  procedures nearly impossi-
      natures have been gathered,        shall be construed to prohib- ranchers, but also everyone  ble.
      Initiative 16 will appear on       it accepted animal husband- involved with the livestock,             Luvin Arms – Home of
      the Colorado voting ballot for     ry practices,” and replaces  meatpacking, feed, and pro-             Radical Vegan Extremists
      the general public to deter-       it  with  “…to prohibit any  tein industries through all                This animal extremist es-
      mine. Initiative 16 is penned      person from dispensing care  levels. Subsequently, this              tablishment is well-known
      and supported by  two indi-        to an animal in the interest  would greatly increase the             and has become common
      viduals who both have direct       of improving that animal’s  cost of animal protein prod-             ground for some notable fig-
      ties to well-known animal          health.”                           ucts for consumers at the re-     ures in the Colorado animal
      extremist groups, PETA and            Essentially, this is a direct  tail and food service levels.      rights camp. Marlon Reis, the
      Direct Action Everywhere. If       attack against common and          Initiative 16 is Written by  partner of Governor Jared
      Initiative 16 passes in Colo-      accepted husbandry practic-        Animal Extremists with            Polis – who has recently come
      rado, the impact will be much      es such as artificial insemi-      No Animal Husbandry               under fire for embracing a
      farther reaching than most         nation, palpation and preg-        Background                        statewide “#MeatOut  Day”
      realize and will restrict pro-     nancy checks just to name a          Alexander Sage of Broom- discouraging meat consump-
      viding care to livestock and       few. Such an inhibition would      field, and Brent Johannes of  tion – sits on the sanctuary’s
      other  animals. Additionally,      make overall management            Boulder are the two individ- board.
      it will also impact the avail-     and production extremely           uals directly behind the pen-        Luvin Arms pushes a fully
      ability of animal byproducts       difficult. It would even make      manship of this proposal and  vegan diet and cites sever-
      used in countless everyday         veterinarians have to recon-       its promotion. What might be  al other extremist groups in
      items, the availability of         sider methods for treating         inspiring their interest? Let  their information. They were
      purpose bred pets, breeding        their patients so they would       us look at their backgrounds  also vocal supporters of the
      horses, the cost of dairy prod-    avoid being criminalized.          and affiliations.                 state’s recent Meat Out Day
      ucts and other grocery store  Extending the Age of                    Alexander Sage –                  and promoted it on their
      items, and even the cost of  Processing – Impacting                                                     platforms.
      pet food.                          Sustainability, Animal             Software Engineer and             Luvin Arms and Ellen
                                                                            Animal Extremist
      Overreaching Changes to            Welfare, and Cost to                 Alexander Sage is hard- Kessler – Radical Vegan
      Animal Statutes                    Consumers                          ly an animal welfare expert.  from Colorado Veterinary
         Alarmingly, Initiative 16          Adding a new subsection         According to his LinkedIn  Medical Board
      calls for a change in criminal     (3.5) would define the  “nat-      profile, he is currently a ma-       Luvin  Arms is also the
      cruelty to animal statutes         ural lifespan” of animal spe-      chine learning engineer, with  sanctuary that vegan and an-
      even though there are al-          cies as the following: “a cow      work in data analytics and  imal extremist Ellen Kessler,
      ready protections in place for     lives to 20 years, a chicken       software development on his  Polis’  pick for  the Colorado
      animals. Initiative 16 would       lives to 8 years, a turkey lives   resume as well. His animal  Veterinary Medical Board, is
      expand animal statutes to          to 10 years, a duck lives to 6     experience, however, includes
      include criminalizing certain      years, a pig lives to 15 years,    being  a  Luvin Arms Animal                     continued on page 15
      animal husbandry practic-          a sheep lives to 15 years, a
      es, including procedures for       rabbit lives to 6 years.”
      common and routine animal             Section 3 then goes on to
      care and management treat-         incorporate this change by                “                                ”
      ments. What is on the table?       adding in another subsection
      Section 1 of the initiative        (1.9) which reads as follows:
      calls for amending (2), (2.9),     “any person who slaughters
      and (5) of the revised stat-       livestock in accordance with
      utes 18-9-201 – plus the ad-       accepted agricultural animal
      dition of article (3.5).           husbandry practices does not
                                         violate the provisions of sub-
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