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        Prepare for Marketing Calves this Fall

                       By Derrell Peel - Oklahoma State University
         With Labor Day behind us,  weaning,  devel-
      it  is a  good time to  prepare  op better health
      for marketing calves this fall.   and  immunity,
      The majority of beef calves  and to learn to
      are spring born, which typi- eat from bunks.
      cally leads to a large fall run       Basic      calf
      of calves.    Auction volumes  management
      have been larger than usual  such          as    cas-
      this summer as the drought  tration and dehorning were
      in many regions  has forced  hopefully done at branding,  adds value to calves and the  part  of  a  general  trend  of
      early  calf sales.   Neverthe- but any late calves missed at  value of all the practices com- higher cattle prices.    That
      less, significant numbers of  branding should be done well  bined in a complete pre-con- trend  is expected  to contin-
      calves will be marketed be- ahead of marketing time.   ditioning  program  is  higher  ue and is reflected in Feeder
      fore the end of the year.          Deworming at weaning may  than individual practices.   Cattle futures prices.  Table 1
         Weaned calves bring a sig- also  be  indicated  depending  Even more value may be cap- shows Feeder Futures prices
      nificantly higher price than  on location and pasture con- tured if calves are enrolled in  for the coming months from
      bawling calves at auction.   ditions.  Two rounds of clos- a certified pre-conditioning  October to August 2023.  The
      Although 30 days  is consid- tridial  and  respiratory  vac- program that provides doc- futures prices show a rough-
      ered a minimum for wean- cinations should be given.   umentation and assurance  ly $14/cwt. uptrend in prices
      ing, buyers strongly prefer  If calves were vaccinated at  to buyers that these practic- in the next year.   When ad-
      calves to be weaned at least  branding, a booster can be  es have been properly done.   justed for Oklahoma City
      45 days.   Recent data and  given at weaning, otherwise  The Oklahoma Quality Beef  basis (local cash minus feed-
      preliminary analysis suggest  vaccinations can be done  Network (OQBN) is one such  er futures price), the expect-
      that weaning periods of 60,  pre-weaning and weaning or  program.                                       ed prices for 450- and 750-
      75 and up to 90 days or more  weaning and post-weaning.                 Typically, calf prices reach  pound steers for the coming
      bring additional premiums.   Vaccination for Pasteurella  the seasonal low around Oc- months are shown in Table 1.
      Longer weaning periods pro- at weaning is also recom- tober.   However, calf prices                        For example, the Novem-
      vide more time for calves to  mended.                                 have moved counter-season- ber Feeder futures price in
      recover from the  stress of           Each of the above practices  ally  higher this  summer as                       continued on page 14

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