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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                              The Midwest Cattleman · September 15, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,                  towns of a certain size had at  a buck per adult.                    my driver’s license, worked
        Jerry Crownover                  least one drive-in theater to        One of the fondest mem- up the nerve to ask a girl out
                                         provide relatively cheap and  ories of my childhood was  on a date, and finally found
                                         convenient      entertainment. when my parents  took me  one that agreed to accompa-
                                         I  grew up in  a very rural  and a half-dozen other mem- ny me, the drive-in theater
                                         area, but there was a drive- bers of the local 4-H club to  ritual began. First, one  had
                                         in about twenty miles south  the closest drive-in, to watch  to arrive early (before dark)
                                         of our home. If they weren’t  Tomboy and the Champ,  in order to find that coveted
                                         showing a movie you want- a movie about a young girl  space on the back row. Next,
                                         ed to see, there was another  showing a champion  Angus  you might have to move a
                                         one about thirty miles north,  steer at the Chicago Interna- couple of times before you
                                         and yet another, about thirty  tional Livestock Exposition.  found a good quality speaker
                                         miles east. Gas to get there  For weeks after the event, it’s  to hang on your car window.
                                         was nineteen cents per gal- all any of us could talk about. Thirdly, once parked, with
                                         lon and admission was about          Later in life, when I earned                  continued on page 13

         News was made this past
      week, when one of the last                                 A STEP AH E AD
      remaining drive-in movie
      theaters in the area an-
      nounced that they would be                      THE ADVANTAGE
      closing, permanently, at the
      end of summer. Even though
      I understand that technolo-                                 Y O U C A N TRU S T
      gy now allows us to click and
      watch any movie we want, on
      a giant screen TV, I still can’t
      help but feel sorry for today’s
      young people, missing out
      on one of the greatest social
      events of all times.
         Sixty years ago, most

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