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The Midwest Cattleman · September 15, 2022 · P4

                                         internet, but the power grid
                                         as  well?   If  it  involves  food,
                                         water, communications, or
                                         security, we all better have
                                         a back-up plan.  What about
                                         getting feed and water to live-
                                         stock, fuel for vehicles used to
                                         deliver that and more.  What
                                         if the event is prolonged and
                                         occurs during harvest or the
                                         coldest  part of the winter?
                                         Are you prepared?
                                         What history tells us.
         This morning the internet          When I say ‘Katrina’ what
      is down.  Not just in our office,  comes to mind?  New Orleans        - finding, rescuing, trans- worked together tirelessly to
      but in schools, banks, service  and the surrounding area be-          porting, feeding, and then  use what resources they had
      stations, and all kinds of of- came a very dangerous place            welcoming into their homes  to help people whom they had
      fices for miles in several di- in a number of hours after a           people whom they had never  never met get safely and com-
      rections.  As a result, our of- devastating hurricane.  For           met.  There was no ‘waiting  fortably – not just through
      fice phones are not working,  days, people suffered without           for the government to come’...  the night, but through a very
      cell towers (therefore our cell  adequate food and water and          there was no waiting for the  long week.  Many stayed
      phones) are not working, and  other basic necessities.  They          cavalry… they were the cav- in schools, but families all
      many people are not work- waited helplessly for help                  alry!                             across the area also opened
      ing.  The local school recent- from someone who didn’t                                                  up their own homes for the
      ly went completely to inter- show up.  They were not pre-             It has nothing to do with  many  stranded  travelers.
      net-based documents which  pared.  Crime of all kinds                 geography.                        The generosity and empathy
      allows all staff and adminis- spiked.    The area became                One might be tempted to  shown the more than 6,700
      tration to access all their doc- unsafe.   It was not a pret-         think that it matters where  US passengers by our Cana-
      uments from office or home,  ty sight.  It was no  ‘Mardi             on the map you happen to  dian neighbors in Newfound-
      but today or at least this  Gras’… it was no picnic.  It              experience that tragic event  land inspired the documen-
      morning, no one is  access- was not America at its best.              that can make all the differ- tary: ‘You Are Here: A Come
      ing any of those documents.   The very worst in human be-             ence.  I thought so too, until I  from  Away Story’.    True
      Banks can’t do the simplest  havior came out for all to see.          remembered the story about  stories that happened when
      customer service tasks be-              Compare that to a smaller,    a plane full of people on Sep- those planes were diverted to
      cause that is all on-line.  Very  but just as dangerous, weath-       tember 11, 2001.    It and 52  Newfoundland also inspired
      few gas stations can sell gas  er event that happened a               other planes from all over the  a Broadway musical.
      because their registers or  few months later on a major               world were forced to sit down        None of the people in these
      card services are all on-line.   highway in the rural Ameri-          on a remote runway – and  stories had trained for their
      I imagine that there are peo- can West.  Hundreds of mo-              spend nearly a week in the  catastrophe.    It  could  be  ar-
      ple in state and local govern- torists traveling on a major           town of Gander, on the Cana- gued that New Orleans had
      ment offices across a three or  interstate were stranded in           dian island of Newfoundland.  more prior warning.   What
      four county area having an- a blizzard far from any major             Gander and the surrounding  mattered most?  Communi-
      other cup of coffee and then  town or city.  Many were                small communities closed  cation, and a network of good,
      another because that, at  caught off-guard.  Many were                all the high schools, meeting  willing, caring, resourceful
      least  for  now,  is  not  on-line.   not prepared, many needed       halls, lodges, and any other  people – willing to help but
      How did we all survive before  help, but this story ended             large  gathering  places  and  unwilling to look away when
      Al Gore?                           much differently.     Farm and     converted all these facili- others were in need.
         What if some kind of un- ranch families from the area              ties into mass lodging areas.        Let’s say you have your
      foreseen event goes on for  who heard about their pre-                The 218 passengers on Delta  backup plan, your food, water,
      weeks involving not only the  dicament went into action               flight 15 ended up in a town  fuel and all the rest.  If you
                                                                                           called    Lewis- don’t have your own network
                                                                                           porte, a short  of people like those described
                                                                                           distance from  above, you’re still not really
                                                                                           Gander.            ready – you are not prepared.
                                                                                              There     was You still have work to do.  It’s
                                                                                           no emergency  not a question of if that event
                                                                                           plan, no special  will come.  There are several
                                                                                           resources,     no questions.  When will it come,
                                                                                           FEMA - just a  and when it does, whatever
                                                                                           small commu- it is, will you be ready?  Will
                                                                                           nity of people  you be one of those who need
                                                                                           who acted out  to be rescued or will you be
                                                                                           of compassion  one of the cavalry?
                                                                                           and a sense of
                                                                                           ‘duty’.   A word  KwC
                                                                                           you don’t hear
                                                                                           much  anymore.
                                                                                           This     commu-
                                                                                           nity of people
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