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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                               The Midwest Cattleman · September 9, 2021 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  the first day of February, give  the herd of cows at that farm,  the conception date), but ex-
                                         or take a few days either way.  something caught my atten- actly the color of my neigh-
                                         In a normal year, 90-95% of  tion. It couldn’t be—but it  bor’s bull. Oh, well, as another
                                         my cows will give birth by  was—a brand new baby calf  one of my neighbors says, “A
                                         the end of April, which should  suckling its mother. Shocked  live calf is always welcome at
                                         throw me into that category of  and surprised, I turned the  my place.”
                                         good cattlemen, but….              vehicle around and headed            The rest of my cows started
                                            On  November 14th  of  last  toward the newborn, only to  calving during the last week of
                                         year, I was in my UTV, on the  discover that it was the wrong  January, and all but a handful
                                         way to my favorite hunting  color to be out of one of my  had completed their task by
                                         spot, on the first day of deer  bulls (not to mention that my
                                         season. As I traveled through  bulls were two miles away at                       continued on page 12

         Most  good cattlemen will
      tell  you  that  their  calving
      season, whether it be in the
      spring or fall, should be as
      close to sixty days long, as
      possible—certainly no longer
      than ninety days. As I’ve long
      suspected, I’m not in that cat-
      egory of good cattlemen.
         In most years, during the
      last full week of April, I turn
      my bulls out with the cows.
      Given the gestation period of a
      cow, I can expect the first calf
      to be born somewhere around

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