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                                         voted in an election.  It was  generation, we
                                         not  only  significant  because  all know more
                                         he had just voted, but  be- about               just
                                         cause  he  had  just  voted  in  about anything
                                         the first fair and free election  you can name...
                                         in his lifetime.   It was most  that has to do
                                         likely the very first free and  with       making
                                         fair election in that country’s  a living, pro-
                                         history.   Sometimes an elec- ducing beef, or
                                         tion can be a country’s first  raising crops,
                                         – sometimes a single elec- not to men-
                                         tion can be a country’s last.   tion our vari-
                                         Maybe we need to wake up!   ous  hobbies…
         What's the one thing that       Maybe we need some cour- than we do about elections.                 of the process.  What happens
      seems to be lacking almost         age.                               That’s really unfortunate for     next?   How are votes count-
      everywhere you look?   I              We helped that country  our children and grandchil-               ed?   How are those totals
      mean the one thing that's in       through that entire election  dren because those elections           communicated to the state?
      short supply and harder to         process.  We know how to do  and those elections alone               Who checks them?
      find  than anything  else…no       elections.   The Carter Cen- make all those other things                What about after that?
      matter how hard you look?          ter  is  the  gold  standard  for  possible.  Unless our elec-       Even our most devoted, hon-
         You might say  ‘common          having elections around the  tions remain free and fair,             est, hard-working, and un-
      sense’ and you'd be close.         world and yet here, in our  you  can  turn  off  the  lights!        appreciated election officials
      But  no,  there's something        own country, we violate every  Right now, let me just say,           have very little  idea what
      even more scarce than that -       single principle they demand  there is a whole lot of ‘flicker-      happens next.   Where does
      something even more hard to        in other countries’ elections.   ing’ going on.  Maybe we need       that information go?  Is it
      find.   It's called COURAGE.       Here, we do it all – all the  some courage.                          verified at every level?  Is
         Don’t get me wrong, many        things that never ever should        Some of us have a dream.        every vote safe?
      put on a uniform every morn-       be allowed.  Things that are  Others are living the dream.              How many people are reg-
      ing and live courageously.         pure ‘red flags’ for fraud… we  How is it all possible?              istered in your county?  Is it
      What  about the rest  of  us?      allow.  Why is that?   Maybe         Some  went to  college,  but    possible to have more peo-
      What does courage mean for         we need some courage.              for others it was eight grades,   ple registered in your county
      us?                                   As  Americans, it's safe  to  maybe twelve and then the           than even live in the county?
         There was an image in the       say, we take a lot of things for  'school of hard knocks'.   For     If there is, what can you do
      news a few years ago that          granted.   Recent events have  anyone successful it was              about it?    If there is, would
      most all of us can remember.       convinced me that there's  hard  work, long  hours and               you take the time to do some-
      It made every network news         nothing we take for granted  probably some luck.  But all            thing about it?
      channel and was on the cover       more  than  our  right  to  vote  of this could vanish over-            I personally have conclud-
      of hundreds of magazines.   I      and the sanctity of our free  night without the freedom to           ed that my state needs a Full
      bet you remember it.   It was      and fair elections.   There will  choose our own leaders, own        Forensic Audit.   As  news
      an  image  of a  person  from      be  very  few  who  read  this  private property, and enjoy          breaks in the coming weeks,
      Iran.  He (some were women         who have not made it a habit  other individual freedoms              I think you will find that I
      as well) was standing in a         to vote often, in fact; most  that the ‘Left’ would like to          am not alone.  I’d like to ask
      doorway showing a brightly         reading this have probably  see us just surrender.   And             you to stand up with me and
      colored, unmistakable purple       voted in every election since  we know more about almost             demand one in your state.
      finger.   That purple finger       they've been old enough.   But  everything else we can name          That’s going to take some-
      indicated that he had just         unfortunately for the next  than we do the one thing that            thing rare and hard to find.
                                                                                       makes all this pos-       If you think we don’t need
                                                                                       sible.                 a complete audit from time to
                                                                                          We          really  time, I have a proposition for
                                                                                       shouldn't be sur-      you.  I’d like you to take your
                                                                                       prised that today      annual mortgage payment,
                                                                                       we have tractors,      possibly the largest check you
                                                                                       combines         and   write all year– let’s just say
                                                                                       other      machines    it is.   Now, why not send it
                                                                                       that can almost be     to your bank in a plain white
                                                                                       put  on  autopilot.     envelope – you know – like a
                                                                                       We've had a lot of     ballot.   Only this time, send
                                                                                       things on autopilot    it in cash.  No?  Why wouldn’t
                                                                                       for a long time...     you do that?   We audit every-
                                                                                       including our elec-    thing of value, and we keep
                                                                                       tions.    Sure, we     track of it, and then we dou-
                                                                                       drop by the polling    ble-check it.   For the future’s
                                                                                       place, fill out a bal-  sake, we better start valuing
                                                                                       lot, and then slide    our elections and our vote!   I
                                                                                       it  into the box.      don’t know… maybe we need
                                                                                       After we do that,      some courage.
                                                                                       most  of us includ-
                                                                                       ing myself, have no    KwC
                                                                                       idea about the rest
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