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The Essentials of a Successful Calving Season
                                                                                                The Midwest Cattleman · February 23, 2023 · P7

      What is your biggest pain point during calving season?                                                                     By Shaye Koester

         Calving season is the most  Woodcock, DVM urges cattle  to their own mature weight  herd health tips to keep in
      wonderful time of the year  producers to take feed sam- while carrying a calf. Dr.  mind for a successful calving
      in my book. While my fam- ples and make sure their  Woodcock also touches on  season include moving bred
      ily calves in the early fall,  nutrition  program  is  on  the  importance  of  making  cows away from pairs using
      I used to enjoy our spring  track to keep their cows at  sure you give your cows their  the Sandhills calving meth-
      calving herd for the simple  an adequate body condition  pre-breeding shots and not  od and looking at your herd
      fact that it was a sign of new  score. She also reminds cat- vaccinating calves until they  health records each year to
      life after the cold months of  tle producers to take extra  are 4 weeks of age if at all  make sure you aren’t having
      winter.                            care of their young cows and  possible,  to  ensure  vaccines
         Regardless of what your  heifers that are still growing  are fully effective. Other                               continued on page 13
      views are on calving sea-
      son, it is labor-intensive and
      time-consuming compared to
      other times of the year. Any               Mushrush ranches Production sale
      way you can make this sea-
      son easier on you and your                Friday, March 17, 2023
      team is a win. So, ask your-              at the Ranch near Elmdale, KS
      self.  What was the biggest
      challenge you faced during             100 - Age-Advantaged Red Angus Bulls
      your last calving season? Do           100 - Red Angus & SimAngus Yearlings loaded
      you need more help, a better                      with Calving Ease & Cow Herd Traits
      method of keeping records,
      improved herd health pro-              100 - Fall Bred & Open Spring Yearling
      tocols, new calving pens or                      Commercial Red Angus Replacements
      something else to make this            10  - “U-Pick-Em” Elite Registered  Open Heifers
      year go smoother?
      The Essentials of a
      Successful Calving
         Chelsea  Woodcock,  DVM
      and  Wes Chism discuss
      what cattle producers need
      to keep in mind to ensure
      optimum herd health during
      their spring calving sea-
      son. This episode covers the
      topics of when to vaccinate
      calves, the Sandhills calv-
      ing method, what supplies
      to have on hand and what
      records are critical to track
      during calving season.
      Herd Health & Beef Cattle
         Herd  health  ultimate-
      ly starts before your calv-
      ing season begins. Chelsea
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