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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                The Midwest Cattleman · February 23, 2023 · P5

        Copyright 2023,                  drive alongside the row of cows  ing a little distance would  cow would most likely follow
        Jerry Crownover
                                         and count them, to make sure  dissuade her from following. I  me through the gate, and be in
                                         calving season hadn’t started a  was wrong.                          the wrong field at the conclu-
                                         week too early.                      I  shifted  to  a  higher  gear,  sion of the race. At that point,
                                            At first I just thought I was  and was really making tracks,  I started zigging and zagging,
                                         one cow short, but then I hap- when I looked back and re- around and around the field,
                                         pened to look in the rearview  alized that the old cow had a  with the tractor moving at a
                                         mirror and discovered an old,  higher gear also.  There was  speed that began to scare me.
                                         black-baldy cow walking right  hay flying left, right, up and  The cow still had her mouth
                                         behind the tractor, with her  down, as I headed toward the  attached to what was left of
                                         mouth and tongue trying to  open gate where I needed to  the hay.
                                         rip the remainder of the bale  exit the field. At that moment,               After twenty minutes, cov-
                                         apart. I throttled up, think- it registered that the baldy                         continued on page 10

          At this stage of winter, in
       an effort to conserve what lit-
       tle hay I have left, I have been
       splitting a large round bale
       between the two herds that I
       feed in the  morning before  I
       move on to the other farm.
         One  cold  morning,  last
       week, I began to unroll a bale
       at the pasture north of  the
       house. When I estimated that
       I had provided  that group  of
       cows with something close to
       half of the bale, I raised the lift
       on the tractor and proceeded to

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