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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · February 4, 2021 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  and watched every one of the         The third gather was un- the bull from the east side, and
                                         cows exit, leaving the bull by  eventful, as an older bull seemed  as I passed by to the west side,
                                         himself at the far end. Mission  more than ready to be captured,  I couldn’t see him, either, so I
                                         accomplished.                      understanding that he was head- assumed that he was laying up
                                            The second pasture was at a  ed toward a winter of free-choice  against the barn and was not
                                         different farm, but still, every- hay, and daily grain. I believe I  visible from my vantage point.
                                         one came in and the bull sorted  could have driven out, into that  You see, a huge, hundred-year-
                                         off easily, although I could tell  pasture, with my trailer, and he  old, wooden barn makes up the
                                         he did not like being left without  would have loaded himself.       entire south side of the corral at
                                         his female friends. He was snort-    With all the bulls safely  that place. It is a typical old barn
                                         ing and pawing when I left, but  penned, I decided to unroll hay  for this part of the country with
                                         I was confident that the really  for the cows at each of the plac- a gambrel roof, side sheds the
                                         good corral  at the creek  place  es, before hooking up to the trail- entire length of the structure,
                                         would  keep  him  secure,  until  er  and  transporting  the  bulls.  and a huge loft that is used for
                                         I could return with the trailer  As I drove into the entrance at  nothing in my operation, except
                                         later that afternoon.              the creek place, I couldn’t see
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         I always dread the day I gath-
      er bulls, from all the pastures, to
      haul them to their winter con-
      fines. All the bulls, that I pres-
      ently own, are very gentle and
      rarely cause me any problems,
      but, as my wife constantly re-
      minds me…they ARE bulls.
         The first pasture gather went
      fine,  with  all  the  cows  and  the
      one bull going straight into the
      corral, when I scattered a few
      range cubes. After a few unsuc-
      cessful attempts, to sort off the
      bull into one of the side pens, I
      simply opened the main gate

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