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                    February 4, 2021   Volume 27   No. 1

               US BEEF EXPORTS IN DANGER OF                                     POLL SHOWS COVID-19 TAKING HEAVY
                 TRIGGERING JAPANESE TARIFF                                      TOLL ON FARMERS’ MENTAL HEALTH
                                  By Bill Tomson                              A strong majority of farmers/ and farm communities since
         The Japanese have imported  way to-                                farmworkers say the COVID-19  AFBF  conducted  its  first  rural
      so much U.S. beef, it’s looking  ward the                             pandemic has impacted their  mental health survey in 2019.
      like they will hit a “safeguard  trigger,                             mental health, and more than         “My takeaway from this sur-
      trigger” designed to protect do- accord-                              half say they are personally ex- vey is that the need for support
      mestic producers with a tariff.    ing    to                          periencing more mental health  is real and we must not allow
         If  the  U.S.  exports  more    calcula-                           challenges than they were a year  lack of access or a ‘too tough to
      than 242,000 metric tons of  tions  by                                ago, according to a new Ameri- need help’ mentality to stand in
      beef to Japan in the Japanese  USDA’s                                 can Farm Bureau poll.             the way,” said  AFBF President
                                                                              The survey of rural adults  Zippy Duvall. “We are stepping
      fiscal year —  April to March  Foreign                                and farmers/farmworkers ex- up our efforts through our Farm
      — the tariff on U.S. beef rises  Agricul-         Kent Bacus, NCBA    plores  how  the  pandemic  has  State of Mind campaign, encour-
      by more than 10 percentage  tural Service, leaving less than          affected their mental health  aging conversations about stress
      points, shooting up from 25.8%  three more months with just           personally and in their commu- and mental health and provid-
      to 38.5%. And the sooner that  a little over 16% of what is es-       nities, as well as how attitudes  ing free training and resources
      trigger is set off, the longer the  sentially a tariff rate quota left   and experiences around mental
      tariff increase will be in place.  to fill.                           health  have changed  in  rural                 continued on page 12
         By Jan. 10 — a little over         “It’s something we’ll need to
      nine months into the Japanese  continue to monitor,” says Kent          MU EXTENSION HOSTS MARCH WEBINAR
      marketing year — the U.S. had  Bacus, director of internation-                SERIES ON SELLING LOCAL FOOD
      exported 203,721 tons of beef to  al trade and market access for        Producers  selling  local  foods  Systems team.
      Japan. That’s about 84% of the                  continued on page 10  can  learn  about  best  practices,   Participants will hear from
                                                                            state regulations and available  extension specialists, successful
           ANOTHER NAMIBIAN FMD OUTBREAK:                                   resources at a four-part online  producers and representatives
        NCBA CALLS FOR CONTINUED VIGILANCE                                  series in March presented by  from the Missouri Department
         The National Cattlemen’s  for U.S. cattle producers. While         University of Missouri Exten- of  Agriculture  and  the  Missou-
                                                                                                              ri Department of Health and
      Beef  Association’s (NCBA) Se- the latest outbreak occurred in          “This series will help farmers  Senior Services.  Attendees will
      nior Director of International  the buffer zone and north of the      and other food producers gain  have the opportunity to ask
      Trade and Market Access, Kent  cordon fence, this is the second       knowledge to help them sell  questions and exchange ideas.
      Bacus issued the following state- occurrence of FMD in a matter       their food products direct to con-   The sessions, held via Zoom,
      ment in response to reports of  of months. As we stated in Oc-        sumers  in these ever-changing  are 3:30-5:30 p.m. on four con-
      another reported occurrence of  tober 2020, FMD is a grave and        times,” said Leslie Bertsch, co-
      foot-and-mouth  disease  (FMD)  persistent threat to the U.S cat-     chair of the MU Extension Food                  continued on page 12
      in Namibia:                        tle industry and warrants every
         “The unfortunate and contin- available caution and protec-
      ued presence of FMD outbreaks  tion to ensure that the prob-                CONSERVATION RESERVE PROGRAM
      in Namibia is a serious concern                 continued on page 10       GENERAL SIGNUP ENDS FEBRUARY 12
                                                                              Agricultural producers and         “This signup for the Conser-
          NCBA ROLLS OUT NEW EVENT FOR 2021                                 private  landowners  interest- vation Reserve Program gives
                      CATTLE INDUSTRY CONVENTION                            ed in the Conservation Reserve  producers and landowners an
                                                                            Program (CRP) can sign up for  opportunity to enroll for the first
                WINTER REBOOT VIRTUAL EVENT FEB. 23-24                      the program until Feb. 12, 2021.  time or continue their partici-
         Brand new for                                 your opportunity     The program, administered by  pation for another term,” FSA
      2021, the National                               to connect with      USDA’s Farm Service  Agency  Administrator  Richard  Fordyce
      Cattlemen’s Beef                                 NCBA and serves      (FSA), provides annual rental  said. “This program encourages
      Association      is                              as a kickoff event   payments for land devoted to  conservation on sensitive lands
      hosting a two-day                                for the Cattle In-   conservation purposes.                          continued on page 12
      virtual event for                                dustry     Conven-
      cattle   producers                               tion and NCBA
      across the country                               Trade Show that                                     Coming Sales-46
      to  come together                                will  take place                                    Life is Simple-5
      for industry news,                               Aug. 10-12 at the
      updates,     educa-                              Gaylord Opryland                                    Market Report-8
      tion and network-                                Resort and Con-                                     Agribusiness
      ing.                                             vention Center in                                   Directory-44
         The 2021 Cattle Industry  Nashville, Tennessee.
      Convention     Winter     Reboot,
      scheduled for Feb. 23-24, is                    continued on page 10
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