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      WEANING FROM A CALF’S                                                                       The Midwest Cattleman · August 24, 2023 · P7

      POINT OF VIEW                                         By Paul Vining - OQBN Coordinator

         Oklahoma Quality Beef  of a 45-day weaning period.                 udder     and/
      Network (OQBN) Vac-45 sales           In cow-calf production sys- or dam is a
      will continue, beginning in  tems, it is necessary to wean  major  stress-
      November. Like many certi- calves, usually between 6 and  or for a calf.
      fied calf preconditioning pro- 8 months of age to increase  Some  wean-
      grams, the OQBN Vac-45 pro- cow reproductive performance  ing                strate-
      gram requires that calves be  and herd economic efficiency.  gies such as
      weaned a minimum of 45 days           Many cow-calf production  f e n c e - l i n e
      before sale. This 45-day peri- systems involve abrupt wean- weaning               or
      od provides calves an oppor- ing, in which the calf is transi-        the use of
      tunity to overcome the stress  tioned to a new environment  nose               flaps
      associated with weaning, bol- away from the dam.  While               to    prevent
      sters immune function, and  it is a necessary part of life,           nursing  seek
      provides proper nutrition, al- breaking the maternal bond                continued on
      lowing for maintained health  by removing access to the                       page 11
      and performance upon enter-
      ing the next phase of the beef
      supply chain.                          WHY ARE WE STILL HERE AFTER MORE THAN 25 YEARS?
         Weaning stressors include
      removal from the dam, nu-
      tritional changes, a new en-
      vironment, and altered social
      structure. These stressors are
      often referred to collectively
      as “weaning stress”, however,
      each is unique and provides
      its own challenge to calf wel-
      fare. Understanding this criti-
      cal time will allow a better un-
      derstanding of the importance



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