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                                         – like a bunch of rogue steers     policy  on both
                                         - something is missing.  They      of these topics
                                         lack the courage to say what’s     is    anything
                                         true.  Why?  Because in today’s    less than ‘pure
                                         world, when someone says the       evil’.
                                         truth, they are attacked, cen-       When      we
                                         sored, or cancelled.  Hey boys     were finished
                                         and girls, it’s time to pull up    with our basic
                                         your undergarments and grow        biology     les-
                                         a spine!   Oliver Anthony has      son,  I asked
                                         given you reason, inspiration,     my grandson
                                         and license to stand up and say    how old his
                                         what’s true – so do it.  So did    sister is.  “Six,”
         Since we last talked, our       Kari  Lake,  candidate  for  AZ
      ‘Sahara’ has turned into a         governor, last week when she       he said.   “Do
      ‘garden of Eden’.                  milked a cow at the Iowa State     you think you     “There are only two genders, and they know that in Iowa,”
                                                                                              she said. “I challenge the New York Times reporter and the
         This week we brought in a       Fair and then said to the woke     need  to show     Washington Post reporter to try to milk a cow and then try to
      new set of heifers and began       media,  “You  know  there  are     off  and tell  milk a bull and see how that goes.”
      to get them used to an electric    only two genders – right? Try      her how much
      fence.  I took my grandson, who    to milk a bull and see how that    you know?” I asked, “or should       Those teachers, on the other
      will be turning 9 years old this   goes.”                             you just wait for her to get old  hand, are much like our horse
      week, along with me and we            During  our  basic  biology     enough so she can understand  ‘Red’.  The horse is often con-
      took a trip around the pasture     lesson,  the  castration  of  hu-  what you have learned?”           fused.  He can feel or think
      making sure there were no          mans is not something we dis-        I wish those so-called ‘teach- anything he wants to.   He can
      weeds shorting out the electric    cussed.  The boy is nine.  And     ers’ who are actively indoc- even ‘act out’ his feelings - but
      fence.   As we started around      why would we discuss it?  That     trinating and abusing young  the facts remain.  He is what
      the field on a tractor, mowing     practice has always been asso-     children in public schools all  he is, and even though his
      just under the electric wire, my   ciated with slavery, barbarism,    across this country could have  pronouns  are  ‘He’  and  ‘Him’,
      grandson asked from right out      tyranny,  and  totalitarianism.      the common sense  of a nine- what’s missing is never coming
      of the ‘blue’ – ‘Pop, what is a    It might be a discussion to        year-old.  He absolutely had  back.
      heifer?’                           have, but not with a nine-year-    the right answer.  He’s a pretty   KwC
         For the next forty-five min-    old.                               smart kid and his mind has not
      utes, as we made our way              In this unique period of in-    been warped by an evil ideology.
      around the field and fenced        sanity, the weight of the Feder-
      pond, backing up, going for-       al government (and yes… some                  w
      ward, shredding weeds and          state  governments)  is  set  on
      small trees, we discussed an-      promoting the castration and
      imal biology, basic anatomy,       mutilation  of  humans  –  even
      and  animal  behavior.     When    humans who are minors.  If you
      we were finished, he could         are not aware of this, I apolo-
      have passed a quiz on equine       gize for even bringing it up.  If
      and bovine biology for begin-      you don’t want to hear about it,
      ners.  In fact, I did quiz him     I understand that position too,
      several times and it was evi-      but being silent is complicity.
      dent that he was beginning to         While we’re on topics we’d all
      see how things fit around the      rather not discuss, I’d bet that
      farm. Cows, heifers, bulls, and    your first farm lesson on the               PowerPostowerPost        HDPE Water PipePE Water Pipe

      steers; mares, fillies, stallions,   topic of ‘abortion’ was probably                                   P
                                                                                                              Plassion Quick Coupler Valveslassion Quick Coupler Valves
      and geldings.  I kept the discus-  a lot like mine – certainly not
      sion as basic as it gets, but he   something  to  celebrate  or  be
      learned some new ‘terms’ and       in favor of in any form. Those
      listened intently to the basic     graphic facts you learned when
      facts of farm life.  Cows have     you witnessed what it was real-
      calved, mares have foaled, and     ly all about remain tragic and
      ‘Red’  is  a  gelding  that  thinks   unchanged and yet, there is a
      he’s a stallion – got it!          well-established push by our                                        Join Us on Facebook
         These facts of course remain    government to make ‘abortion’
      the same for all domestic ani-     a favorable, even desirable pol-
      mals, animals in the wild and      icy - worldwide.  You will never
                                                                                                                                 Powerflex owerflex
      all humans.  Those facts have      convince me that this is the                                                            P
      remained unchanged for all of      policy the majority of  Amer-                                                               P
      human history, and they still      icans would like to see pro-                                                             Productsroducts
      remain unchanged.  If a nine-      moted  around  the  world,  but        P
                                                                                Portable Ends/Cornersortable Ends/Corners
                                                                                Self Driving - in & outelf Driving - in & out
      year-old can understand those      that is definitely the case, like      S                            Simply the Best!imply the Best!
      basic facts, why can’t half of cor-  it or not.  You will never con-
      porate America and the largest     vince  me  that  Americans  are          Check our website for heck our website for NEW ProductsNEW Products &  & Monthly SpecialsMonthly Specials!!
      human organization in human        truly being represented ‘North               Order On-Line 24/7  •  FREE Catalogder On-Line 24/7  •  FREE Catalog
      history – the Federal govern-      of Richmond’.  You will never
      ment?   They lack something        convince me that the present                  417-741-1230  •
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