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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
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        Jerry Crownover                  level; even cautioning me to  of the weather service that               I also have to smile when
                                         provide protection from the  I previously mentioned, re- I hear the local TV meteorol-
                                         heat—for my dog. They act as  corded 21 days of 100 degrees  ogist explain the heat index,
                                         if we have never experienced  or greater, and, returning  which he is happy to describe,
                                         anything like this previously. from  college  in  Mississip- in great detail, to convince us
                                            For the record, the nearest  pi, I simply thought…it was  that  the  temperature  feels
                                         office of the National Weath- summer. I can remember my  hotter than it really is. From
                                         er Service to my home, has  parents talking about the  experience, I would be  de-
                                         recorded  one  day  of  100  de- extreme heat in 1954 (I was  lighted to teach the weath-
                                         grees or above this summer.  two at the time, so my mem- erman  about  the  farming
                                         One day, and people act like  ory of it is a bit vague), when  index. It requires hauling
                                         we could die if we go outside.  this same office recorded 22  small, square bales of hay, on
                                            I can remember back in  days over 100 degrees. So, we  a creek-bottom farm, in July,
                                         1980, when the same  office  have been here before.
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         Depending on which ex-
      perts you choose to believe,
      the summer of 2023 has been
      the hottest one in the history
      of the world, or just summer.                                   BLACKCK
         Almost every news show
      I have watched this sum-                                HEREF
      mer has featured some story
      about  the unprecedented
      heat that is occurring at
      some  location  on  earth. The
                                                                            VISIT THE
      local  meteorologists have                                            VISIT THE
      warned me, almost every                                              BIRTHPLACE THPLACE
      day, about the excessive heat
      alert or dangerous humidity                                               S
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