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K-State Experts Lay Out                                                                    The Midwest Cattleman · August 20, 2020 · P7

       Criteria For Evaluating Bulls

                     By Bob Weaber, K-State Research and Extension
         Summertime culling                 As an example, Larson said
          decisions hinge on             if Bull A sired 28 calves aver-
             several factors             aging 450 pounds at weaning,
         As bulls come off the  sum- and Bull B sired 12 calves av-
      mer breeding pastures, pro- eraging 500 pounds at wean-               Summer is a good time to evaluate bulls as they leave the breeding pastures.
      ducers have several criteria to  ing, some producers might put  pounds  of  weaning  weight  by  and those heifers are retained
      consider when making culling  a higher genetic value on Bull  having more of his calves in  in the herd, then a sire will be
      decisions, according to experts  B  because  his  calves  weighed  the herd,” Larson said.              more limited on the years of
      at the Kansas State University  more.                                   Another consideration is  service.
      Beef Cattle Institute.                 “I say Bull A has more value  the breeding rotation. Weaber         “If producers retain too
         “Fertility is the most import- because he sired more total  said if bulls are used on heifers                      continued on page 25
      ant because bulls need to be
      able to breed lots of cows,” said
      veterinarian Bob Larson.
         But beef cattle extension
      specialist Bob  Weaber coun-
      tered:  “I would argue that
      there is a genetic effect on the
      bull’s libido and willingness to
      settle cows.”
         Larson advised  producers
      to conduct a sire test to know
      which bulls fathered the most
      calves. He credits fertility to
      the bull who sired the greatest
      number of calves.



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