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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · August 20, 2020 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  in  America; none of us have  them, they have not. When I  working the long math was
                                         to be bothered with cipher- entered college in 1970, no one  less complicated than using
                                         ing on the back of a piece of  had a little  ‘math machine,’  his contraption, and contin-
                                         junk mail, anymore. I’m sur- but I did notice  that all the  ued with that philosophy for
                                         prised teachers can still make  math and engineering majors  two more years.
                                         students learn their times ta- had a little holster on their            As a Junior, I was en-
                                         bles and, of course, show their  belts that contained some- rolled  in an animal  nutri-
                                         work.                              thing called a ‘slide rule.’ One  tion course, that should have
                                            Anyone younger than fifty  engineer, on our dorm floor,  been  titled “Advanced Alge-
                                         probably assumes the pocket  attempted to show me how to  bra for Aggies.” It was kick-
                                         calculator  has  been around  use one, once. After an hour- ing my rear, grade-wise, and
                                         forever, but, I can assure  long demonstration, I decided                          continued on page 16

         Last week, for the first
      time in thirty years, I had to
      perform long division…with a
      pencil and paper. It took me a
      while, but I did get the correct
      answer (I checked my work
      when I returned home and
      found my phone).
         Everyone has access to an
      electronic calculator these
      days.  Whether it’s a promo-
      tional give-away from the
      local seed dealer or feed store,
      a  $1.99  special  at  the  local
      discount store, or the one that
      is on almost every cell phone

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