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                                            AND MAXIMIZE PROFIT

                  With proper planning, beef producers can make the weaning process easier for calves

                                                        By Lisa Moser, K-State Research and Extension
         Just as college students                                                                             better immune response
       may feel anxious when they                                                                             to vaccination than young
       leave  their  homes  and  re-                                                                          calves,” Larson said. “But if
       turn to campus, fall is also                                                                           we are trying to avoid hav-
       a time when spring-born                                                                                ing summer pneumonia run
       calves are separated from                                                                              though the calves, we may
       their mothers and stress en-                                                                           need to give those preven-
       sues.                                                                                                  tative vaccinations around
         To minimize the stress                                                                               two months of age and then
       felt by calves, the experts at                                                                         follow it with a booster shot
       Kansas  State  University’s                                                                            closer to weaning.”
       Beef Cattle Institute offered                                                                             He added: “For cattle that
       several management strate-                                                                             are not going to be co-min-
       gies for producers to imple-                                                                           gled with cattle from other
       ment. Discussed on a recent                                                                            herds at weaning, it is fine
       Cattle Chat podcast the ex-                                                                            to give those vaccinations at
       perts defined the term low-                                                                            the time of weaning when
       stress weaning.                                                                                        you  are already working
         “Low stress weaning re-                                                                              with the calves.”
       fers to all the things we do                                                                              The bottom line,  White
       to make it an easier tran-           Lancaster said it is im-           The timing of vaccina- said, is to work with a vet-
       sition from the cow-calf op- portant to make sure the  tions often will depend on  erinarian to develop a
       eration to the  next step in  calves are consuming feed  the management and mar- pre-weaning  plan  that fits
       the production system,” said  with an adequate protein  keting for the operation,  best with the goals for the
       Brian Lubbers, K-State vet- content along with energy,  Larson said.                                   herd.
       erinarian.                        vitamins and minerals.                “We know that calves clos-
         Veterinarian Bob Lar-              Adding grain mix to the  er to weaning age often have
       son added that many pro- diet can come at a cost,
       ducers follow the fence line  White said, but it also re-
       weaning practice where the  duces weight loss that most                 Genetically Yours
       calves can still see their  calves experience at wean-
       mothers through the fence  ing.
                                                                                    Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021aturday, Oct. 2, 2021
       but are unable to nurse.             “Research      has    shown             S
         “We want to promote fa-         calves that are weaned 30
                                                                                        11 a.m. • Springfield, Mo.1 a.m. • Springfield, Mo.
       miliarity and eliminate the  days prior to sale can earn                      Sale Location: William H Darr
                                                                                     Sale Location: William H Darr
                                                                                                                       20 Service age bulls
                                                                                                                       20 Service age bulls
       novelty of the weaning pro- a premium ranging between                       Agriculture Center, Springfield, MO  11 Spring herd bull Prospects
                                                                                   Agriculture Center, Springfield, MO
                                                                                                                   11 Spring herd bull Prospects
       cess, and we do that by of- $3-$5 per hundredweight,”                                                        29 Spring Heifer calf pairs
                                                                                                                    29 Spring Heifer calf pairs
                                                                                                                       20 Fall calving cows
       fering them feed in a pen  said Dustin Pendell, agricul-                                                        20 Fall calving cows
                                                                                                                         19 bred heifers
                                                                                                                         19 bred heifers
       while  they  are  still  with  tural economist.                                                              12 Commercial bred heifers
                                                                                                                    12 Commercial bred heifers
       their mothers or have them           He added premiums are
       drink  from  a  water  source  also  paid through  certified
       like the type they will en- health programs that docu-
       counter after weaning,” said  ment vaccinations.
       Brad White,  veterinarian            “Certified    health     pro-       LJR MSU    BW   1.2 M&G  47
                                                                                LJR MSU
       and BCI director.                 grams have shown to offer           VALERIE 16D   YW     76 REA  0.054
                                                                             VALERIE 16D WW
                                                                               A stout, easy doing

       Introducing Feed                  producers a premium of               daughter of CMF CS U408   MM       23 MARB  0.22
                                                                              PROGRESSION Y449. An
                                         $1-$5 per hundredweight on
                                                                               outcross pedigree for

         Regarding feed, BCI nu-         the calves,” Pendell said.             most operations.                LJR MSU    BW   0.3  M&G  54
                                                                                                                LJR MSU
       tritionist Phillip Lancaster                                                                            LADY IDEAL  WW   55  FAT 0.074
                                                                                                               LADY IDEAL
       said the type of  feed that  Building Immunity                                                             134D     YW   26  REA  0.37
                                                                                                                                   MARB  0.14
       works best in the diets of           The experts agree that                                               A super productive daughter of GV CMR IDEAL 424
       calves  transitioning  from  keeping  the  cattle healthy                                                    X2096. Her dam is a Dam of Distinction.
       their mother’s milk is one  through this time of transi-                                                  See this catalog online at
                                                                                                                         Sale Managed by:
       they are familiar with.           tion is key and one way to
         “While they are still with  do that is by helping the an-                                                 Jim and Linda Reed • P.O. Box 126
       the cow, we want  to intro- imals build their immunity.                             BW   1.9  M&G  53       660-527-3507 • Fax 660-527-3379
                                                                                                                      Green Ridge, MO 65332
                                                                               LJR MSUJR MSU
       duce palatable feeds and             “There are two ways              973E HERTZOG  WW   54  FAT  0.034 •
                                                                             973E HERTZOG
       begin that transition to a  calves acquire immunity:                       80H      YW   83  REA  0.40             BID ONLINE @
                                                                                                   MARB  0.10
       mixed ration and free choice  Either from the mother di-
       hay,” Lancaster said. “Good,  rectly to the calf through
       palatable feed choices for  the colostrum, or the calves
       calves are distiller’s grains  get it through a natural in-           Midwest’s Top Maternal                          Auctioneer: Eddie Burks
                                                                               Program 40 Years
       and cottonseed hulls that  fection or vaccination,” Lub-              Continuously Breeding         A G R I C U L T U R E
                                                                              Quality Performance
       stimulate intake.”                bers said.                            Polled Herefords
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