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Taking the Bull from the Sale Ring                                                            The Midwest Cattleman · April 22, 2021 · P7

           or Winter Storage, Making Him

                 the Athlete He Needs to Be

                               By Stan Smith, PA, Fairfield County OSU Extension
         Recently       we      visited phen Boyles offers the fol-           Post-purchase
      about a breeding soundness  lowing  suggestions  from  his  Management of
      exam (BSE) and having bulls  publication “Bull  Nutrition  Yearling  Bulls:
      ready  to  go  to  work  when  and Management” regarding  The                  yearling
      called upon. One thing we’ve  the pre-breeding season man- bull                deserves
      perhaps yet to discuss is  agement of yearling bulls.                 some special  at-
      what needs to happen after                                           continued on page 18   Bulls need to be transitioned from their winter diet to grass
                                                                                                  carefully before turn-out.
      the bull has passed his BSE,
      or is purchased, and until he
      goes to the breeding pasture.
      While a bull might have been
      a “potentially  satisfactory
      breeder” on the day of his
      BSE, it is important that the
      time  that passes from then
      until the day he must go to
      work are spent in a way that
      allows him to remain sound
      while  also  transitioning  to
      the pasture he’ll be working.
         For those of you who this
      season will be using young
      bulls, or even mature bulls
      that maybe have yet to be
      properly transitioned from
      winter ‘storage,’ OSU Exten-
      sion Beef Specialist Dr. Ste-



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