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                      April 22, 2021   Volume 27   No. 5

         A  recently re-                                                                CONSUMER DEMOGRAPHICS POSSIBLY
      leased  research                                                                         CHANGE POST-PANDEMIC
      paper  confirmed                                                        The restaurant industry  porting a surge in demand.
      U.S. beef produc-                                                     appears to be on the rebound         ‘Restaurant Business On-
      tion is the most                                                      following     the     pandemic line’ reports the pent-up de-
      sustainable pro-                                                      with  more  restaurants re- mand comments are coming
      duction system                                                                                          from the executives of ca-
      in the world,                                                                                           sual-dining chains. More of
      a fact long un-                                                                                         those restaurants are bank-
      derstood        by                                                                                      ing on the added demand
      America’s  cattle                                                                                       to drive strong growth this
      producers, who between the         ruminant animals, like beef                                          year. It's a hopeful sign after
      1960s and 2018, reduced the        cattle, to help make more                                            COVID-19  proved to  have a
      carbon footprint of the indus-     protein  with  fewer  resourc-                                       devastating impact on the
      try by 40 percent while pro-       es,” said NCBA president                                             restaurant industry.
      ducing 66 percent more beef.       and Kansas cattleman, Jerry                                                        continued on page 12
         “We already know a grow-        Bohn. “Cattle generate more
      ing global population will re-     protein for the human food                NEW LEGISLATION COULD PROTECT
      quire and demand high-quali-       supply than would exist with-                        AGAINST DEATH TAX
      ty food, which means we need                    continued on page 10    The Preserving Family
                                                                            Farms Act of 2021 was intro-
                                                                            duced recently. This biparti-
        2021 RED MEAT EXPORT OUTLOOK REMAINS                                san legislation to expand IRS
             STRONG DESPITE DROP IN FEBRUARY                                Code Section 2032A would
                                  By Jennifer Shike                         allow cattle producers to take
         February exports of U.S.  beef exports are expected to             advantage of the special use
      pork and beef remained  increase substantially year-                  valuation and protect fam-
                                                                            ily-owned businesses from
      below the rapid pace                    over-year, while pork                                           in the tax code overall and
      established in early                        exports are projected     the devastating impact of the     they need certainty, especial-
                                                                            federal estate tax.
      2020, according to                           to narrowly surpass                                        ly when it comes to the estate
                                                                              “America’s farmers and
      data released by                              the 2020 record.        ranchers deserve certainty        tax.  Without it, transition
      USDA  and com-                                   "While     Febru-                                                    continued on page 12
      piled by the U.S.                             ary exports were
      Meat Export Fed-                             in line with expec-        NATURE CONSERVANCY AND NRCS ENTER
      eration     (USMEF).                        tations, the results                   COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT
      Still,   exports     were                don't fully reflect global     The Nature Conservancy
      consistent  with  USMEF's  demand for U.S. red meat,"                 (TNC) and U.S. Department
      February projections. 2021  Dan Halstrom, USMEF pres-                 of  Agriculture  (USDA)  Nat-
                                                      continued on page 10 ural Resources Conservation
                                                                            Service (NRCS) announce

          CHINA’S MARCH MEAT IMPORTS SURPASS                                the two organizations have
                                                                            entered into a five-year co-
                      1 MILLION METRIC TONS                                 operative agreement to in-        South Dakota.     organizations
         China  imported  1.02 mil-                                         crease private land conser-       have a  mutual  interest in
      lion metric tons of meat in                                           vation in Kansas, Missouri,       successfully     implementing
      March, customs data showed,                                           Nebraska, Oklahoma, and                         continued on page 12
      the highest monthly volume
      since at least January 2020, as
      the world's biggest meat buyer                                                                       Coming Sales-38
      continued to stock up to fill                                                                        Life is Simple-5
      shortages at home.                                                                                   Market Report-8
         Imports rose 11.4% from  year. China's General Admin-
      919,000 metric tons in March  istration of Customs started                                           Agribusiness
      2020, the data showed, even  publishing data for combined                                            Directory-36
      after  local  pork  prices  fell  meat imports last year.
      sharply since the start of the
                                                      continued on page 10
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