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Weaning option for                                                                           The Midwest Cattleman · April 23, 2020 · P7

        fall-calving herds

             Cow-calf producers may find two-stage
                            weaning process useful

      By Donald Stotts
         Cattle     producers     with   recover with the dam.              is  weaned  from
                                            Ward reminded produc- the cow.  A nose
      fall-calving herds who are         ers not to overlook two-stage  flap is used to
      contemplating          upcoming    weaning. In a two-stage  prevent  the  calf
      weaning choices have sever-        weaning  process, the  calf  is
      al options to reduce animal        weaned  from  milk  before  it             continued on
      stress.                                                                            page 18
         “Many people eat a lot when
      they  are  stressed,  but  calves
      tend to do the opposite,” said
      Earl H. Ward, Oklahoma State
      University  Extension  area
      livestock specialist for north-
      eastern Oklahoma. “This can
      lead to health concerns such
      as depressed immune sys-
      tems and an increase in the
      number of diseased animals
         There are a variety of ways
      to reduce stress during wean-
      ing. Popular options include
      but are not limited to working
      calves a few weeks prior to
      weaning and fence-line wean-
      ing. Both give calves time to



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