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The Midwest Cattleman · April 23, 2020 · P4

                                         Some turned back.
                                            Some knew the
                                         way, but most had
                                         no idea where they
                                         were on the map –
                                         early on there was
                                         no map.   They were
                                         in uncharted terri-
                                         tory.   They couldn’t
                                         leave too early be-
                                         cause there had to
                                         be grass for the ani-
         It was 119 days from In-        mals along the way.
      dependence, Missouri to            They couldn’t leave
      Santa Fe, New Mexico.              too    late    because
                                         Winter would come.
         It was 119 days from Inde-      But they left.  Many
      pendence, Missouri to Santa        left homes and pos-
      Fe, New Mexico in a covered        sessions.  Many left
      wagon with wooden wheels           family – never to see
      pulled by some oxen or mules.      them again.   Those
      In the wagon, in many cases,       who stayed lost fam-               trail and two ways to go – for- to go.  Leaders and losers will
      was  everything  those  people     ily as well – sons, daughters,     ward or back.                     emerge.  There is no turning
      owned.  Some rode, but the         loved ones.   There were no          There was certainly a lot  back.  Some may lose their
      truth is – many walked most        phones, no email, no video         they didn’t have on that trail,  way.  They will need your help.
      of the way.                        chats or conference calls – no     during those 119 days.  What         With our eyes focused on
         There was no running water      Zoom.  Occasionally some-          did they have?   Why would  the horizon - putting one foot
      except the creeks and rivers       one would get a letter from a      sensible, intelligent people  in front of the other, the cour-
      they had to ford or swim to get    loved-one who had made the         leave their home and families,  age, will, and  determination
      on the other side.  Often, the     trip.  The message would be        put everything they owned in  in our DNA, and our faith in
      only stops were to wait for the    weeks, maybe even months           a wagon, and risk it all- ev- God  will  see  us  through  the
      river to go down before they       old.   That was  ‘real time’ in    erything they have – includ- next 119 days.
      could cross.  There was no hot     their time.                        ing their very lives on such a
      water unless they heated it           Some lost what few posses-      trip?   They had something, or        “Therefore we also, since
      on an open fire.  They slept on    sions they had along the way       they would have stayed home.  we are surrounded by so
      the ground – night after night     – some lost their lives.  It’s no   They had it or they would  great a cloud of witness-
      after night.   There was no        wonder. There were no high-        have turned back.  They had  es, let us lay aside every
      refrigeration  so  they carried    ways, no roads, no bridges, no     something or they simply  weight, and the sin which
      most everything they would         air-conditioned  rest stops  –     wouldn’t have made it.            so easily ensnares us, and
      eat.   The only fresh meat is      no air conditioned anything.         Whatever is was.  We need  let us run with endurance
      what they caught or killed,        They were outside. They were       to find it.                       the race that is set before
      and then butchered and then        outside when it rained.  They        We too are in uncharted  us,”
      cooked along the way.  There       were outside when it snowed.       territory.   There is no map.                          Heb 12:1-2
      were no grocery stores full or     They were outside when it          There  is  grass  for  the  ani-                            NKJV
      empty – no Casey’s or 7-Elev-      stormed, when the wind blew        mals, and everything we own
      en’s.   Only a trail and two       and when the sun’s hot rays        is in the wagon.  We’re on the  KwC
      ways to go - forward or back.      beat down.  There was only a       trail and there are two ways

                                                                            The Santa Fe Trail followed a trade route established by the Pecos Indians. These wagon
                                                                            ruts are still embedded in the prairie soil across Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico.
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