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           Replacement Heifer Sales

              Fall Calving Bred Heifers

           June 5, 2020 • 7:00 PM                                                                  June 12, 2020 • 7:00 PM

           SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC                                                      Farmington Regional Stockyards

            7505 Hwy 61, Fruitland, MO                                                      1600 Woodlawn Drive, Farmington, MO

                        Crossbred & Purebred Heifers Available                Crossbred & Purebred Heifers Available
            70          Angus/Angus Cross, Gelbvieh/Balancer,                   Registered Angus, Purebred Angus,                 120

                          Red Angus, Simmental, & SimAngus                            Angus Cross, SimAngus &
             Mostly black, few black-baldies, red and smoke
             Many AI BRED & selling with known FETAL SEX                         Mostly black, few black-baldies , one red
             Some REGISTERED—Angus, Simmental, SimAngus                          Many AI BRED & selling with known FETAL SEX
             Due to calve from mid-August to November 2020                       Few REGISTERED—Angus

             Sorted into uniform lots and guaranteed bred                        Due to calve from August 14 to November 28, 2020
             Tier II daughters out of Angus: SydGen Enhance, Connealy Cool,      Sorted into uniform lots and guaranteed bred
           CTS Remedy, Hot Lotto, PVF Insight, Broken Bow, EXAR Stud;            Tier II daughters out of Angus sires
           Red Angus: No Worries; Simmental: Catalyst                            AI bred to INDUSTRY LEADING bulls—Angus: Mill Bar Hickok,

             AI bred to INDUSTRY LEADING bulls—Angus: Connealy Uptown,          SydGen Enhance, Connealy Uptown, GAR Sure Fire, Deer Valley
           Hoover Dam, Mill Bar Hickok, Springfield Ramesses, SydGen Black      Patriot, Hoover Elation, LD Capitalist, Yon Full Force, EF Comple-
           Pearl, SydGen Enhance, VAR Reserve, Werner Flat Top; Red             ment, RB Tour of Duty, KCF Bennett Absolute, Red Angus: Andre-
           Angus: Andras Fusion                                                 as Fusion

          Consignors:                                                         Consignors:
          Eggers Stock Farm, Jackson      Myers Farm, Oak Ridge               Big River Angus, Desoto          Shadow Lane Farms, Mill Spring
          Glen Birk Farms, Jackson        Steve Underwood, Bloomfield         Morgan Clark, Farmington         Schulte Brothers, Meta
          Graham Family Farm, Farmington  Turner Farms, Belgrade              Ben & Julie Davis, Farmington    Mike Steinman, Argyle
          Hat Creek Genetics, Jackson     Twin Oaks Simmental, Oak Ridge      Kevin Flieg, Ste. Genevieve      Strope Angus, Westphalia

          Willis Koenig, Perryville       Warden Brothers, Marquand           David Gann, Steelville           Turner Farms, Belgrade
          Kranjec Valley Angus, Marquand  Wright Angus Farm, Jackson          Graham Family Farm, Farmington  Dean & Dallas Wilson, Dittmer
          Lazy P Ranch, Oak Ridge                                             Rick Grellner, Owensville

                     For information or catalog contact:                                 For information or catalog contact:
          Erin Larimore •  573-243-3581 •            Kendra Graham •  573-756-4539 •
          w w w             Facebook: SEMO BEEF                 Facebook: Show Me Select Bred Heifer Sale: Farmington

          Please note that the scheduled sales are tentative based on the COVID-19 situation and could
           change. For up-to-date information on these sales, please contact the sale coordinator or visit
                                                   the corresponding Facebook page.
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