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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                              The Midwest Cattleman · September 30, 2021 · P5

        Copyright 2021,                  I attended, was present. Both  ries were stirred, as I roamed  board. Ah, memories.
        Jerry Crownover
                                         of us were there.                  the hallways and classrooms          I broke away from the
                                            It was a fun day, but I was  of the old building. There was  crowd to make my way to
                                         shocked at how many old  the science lab, where Betty  the old Vo-ag classroom and
                                         people were there. My class- Lou vomited while dissect- shop,  where  I  spent  most  of
                                         mates and I, representing  ing the frog.  There’s where  my high school days (and a
                                         the class of 1970, were abso- the principal’s office used to  lot of nights, as well). Alone,
                                         lutely still young, but anyone  be, and where the infamous  I walked around the perim-
                                         from the class of 1969, and  black paddle hung on the  eter of the room, where doz-
                                         prior years, seemed to have  wall.  There is the old shop  ens of plaques, won by hun-
                                         the market cornered on walk- building, where Wayne cut off  dreds of FFA members, hung
                                         ers, canes, and wheel chairs.      the tips of four fingers, while
                                            A lot of nostalgic memo- jointing the edge of a walnut                         continued on page 10

         At my old high school last
      weekend, I attended the all-
      school reunion. We were sup-
      posed to have a big bash,
      last year, for my class’s 50th
      year, but it was canceled due
      to the pandemic. I guess the
      51st anniversary didn’t hold
      as much prestige, since only
      six of us, out of a class of fif-
      ty-two, showed up for the fes-
      tivities. On the other hand,
      my entire first-grade class of
      1958, at the one-room school

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