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                  September 30, 2021   Volume 27   No. 9

                   CLIMATE GOAL DEADLINE SET                                     NCBA CALLS FOR DIALOGUE ON US-EU

         CATTLE INDUSTRY COMMITS TO CLIMATE NEUTRALITY BY 2040.                                 METHANE PLEDGE
         The National Cattlemen’s  United States are already                                                       Cattlemen’s Beef Associa-
      Beef Association (NCBA) so- the global leader in sustain-                                                    tion noted that the cattle
      lidified  U.S.  cattle  ranchers’  able beef production.  The                                                industry has promised to
      commitment to environmen- setting  of these goals will                                                       work toward climate neu-
      tal, economic and social sus- further enhance the sustain-                                                   trality by 2040 and called
      tainability with the release  ability of the U.S. system and                                                 for continued dialogue on
      of U.S. cattle industry sus- set targets that demonstrate                                                    the issue.
      tainability goals.                 to the world that producers                                                 “President  Biden  and
         Beef producers in the  are committed to continued                                                         European       Commission
                                                  improvement.        The                                          President Ursula von der
                                                  goals for the U.S. cat-                                          Leyen urged countries at
                                                  tle industry include:                                            the U.S.-led Major Econ-
                                                     • Demonstrate cli-                                            omies Forum on Energy
                                                  mate neutrality of          After the United States         and Climate to join the pledge
                                                  U.S. cattle produc-       and European Union recently       and welcomed those that
                                                  tion by 2040.             announced the Global Meth-        have already signaled their
                                                     •Create and en-        ane Pledge, an initiative to      support,” according to a joint
                                                  hance opportunities       reduce global methane emis-       US-EU release sent out by the
                                                  that result in a quan-    sions to be launched at the       White House.
                                                  tifiable increase in      UN  Climate Change Con-              “The European Commis-
                                                                            ference (COP 26) in Novem-
                                                      continued on page 10  ber in Glasgow, the National                    continued on page 12

                         BIDEN ANNOUNCES                                    “SCAPEGOATING” INDUSTRY DOES NOT HELP
                 METHANE REDUCTION EFFORT                                   CONSUMERS, MEAT INSTITUTE TELLS VILSACK
        -NCBA CONFIDENT IN U.S. CATTLE RECORD                                                         By Greg Henderson
                                By Greg Henderson                             The North American
                                                                            Meat Institute wants
         The United States and                                              the Biden Administra-
      the European Union have                                               tion to stop trying  to
      launched a global pledge to                                           “scapegoat” the meat
      reduce methane emissions by                                           and poultry industry
      at least 30% by the end of the                                        for inflationary con-
      decade.                                                               sumer prices.
         President  Joe  Biden  made                                          In a letter to Ag Sec-
      the  announcement  during                                             retary Tom Vilsack,
      the Major Economies Forum,                                            Meat Institute pres-              COVID and lack of labor are
      a virtual, closed-door session                                        ident and CEO Julie  Anna         hurting consumers, and noth-
      with other world leaders on                                           Potts  said, “The Administra-     ing proposed by the Secretary
      climate. The Forum was held                                           tion cannot ignore the fun-       of Agriculture on the structure
      ahead of the UN climate con-                                          damental principles of sup-       of the meat and poultry indus-
      ference in Glasgow, Scotland,                                         ply and demand.  Americans        try  will  help  families  strug-
      scheduled for November.            after carbon dioxide (CO2).        are experiencing firsthand        gling to pay for groceries.”
         "This will not only rapidly  As part of the Paris climate          what the Secretary refuses           Potts said after  “repeated
      reduce the rate of global warm- agreement, governments are            to acknowledge, the effects of                  continued on page 16
      ing, but it will also produce a  seeking solutions to limit glob-
      very valuable side benefit like  al warming to 1.5 degrees.
      improving public health and           Reuters reports the draft of
      agricultural output," Biden  the Methane Pledge says, “The                                           Coming Sales-46
      said. "We're mobilizing sup- short atmospheric lifetime of                                           Life is Simple-5
      port to help developing coun- methane means that taking                                              Market Report-8
      tries that join and pledge to do  action now can rapidly reduce                                      Agribusiness
      something significant."            the rate of global warming.”
         Methane is a greenhouse            Methane has become a pop-                                      Directory-44
      gas (GHG) considered the big- ular target for reductions as it
      gest cause of climate change                    continued on page 14
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