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               SUMMARY OF THE AUGUST CATTLE                                    CALF AND FEEDER MARKETS HEATING UP
                            ON FEED REPORT                                                            By Greg Henderson
          By Josh Maples, Assistant Professor & Extension Economist, Department of
                   Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University       August 30-Auction mar- east and currently, willing
         USDA released the August        for yearling cattle coming off     kets across the country saw  buyers are there to fill or-
      Cattle on Feed report on Fri-      summer grass. This month’s         some sizzling prices last week  ders. In the upcoming weeks,
      day, August 20th. August 1st       report suggests that drought       as demand was called moder- farmers in the Midwest will
                                                                            ate to good for all weights of  not want to take the time to
      cattle on feed inventories for     might be forcing some cattle
                                                                                                              straighten up some bawling
      feedlots with a capacity of        to be sold earlier than an-        steers and heifers.  Marketing calves  as  large  temperature
      1,000 head or more is esti-        ticipated. Digging into the          Agricultural
      mated  at  11.1  million,  a  1.9   placement data shows that         Service reporters called last  swings will no doubt be on
                                                                            week’s market steady to $3  the horizon.”
      percent decline from August        most of the month-over-
      1st of 2020. Cattle on feed in-    month increase came from           higher, with some calf mar-          Auction receipts totaled
                                                                            kets in the Northern Plains  159,800 last week compared
      ventories have been running        cattle weighing more than
      above 2020 levels for most of      700 pounds.                        reporting $5 to $7  higher.  to 144,600 the previous week
                                                                            AMS noted extreme heat  and 156,200 last year.
      the year. This month’s report         Fed cattle marketings in
      is the second consecutive          July were 1.90 million head        across the Midwest and               Cash fed cattle reached
                                                                            Plains states with high hu- their highest price of the
      month with cattle on feed          or 5 percent below 2020.
      inventories below 2020. Sea-       For context, July  2021 had        midity also a factor.             year last week at $125.86,
      sonally, on-feed inventories       one less slaughter  day than         “Most yearling operators  but packers have  given up
      decline through September          July  2020. Despite  one less      like to have their yearlings  precious little of their lever-
      before feedlots reload during      slaughter day, daily average       sold by Labor Day as the tail  age. Nearly half the cattle
      the fall calf market.              marketings in July were only       end of the calf-feds from the  bought on a negotiated basis
         Feedlot placements during       fractionally higher compared       previous year are coming  last week were bought with
      July are estimated at 1.74         to a year ago.                     out of the feedyards,”  AMS  time, a clear indication pack-
      million head, an 8.1 percent          In general, the report          reporters  said. “Spring-born  ers will enter September
      decline from July 2020. His-       brought optimism to the            bawling calves are in the mix  with adequate inventory.
      torically, the seasonal trend      market and reveals an im-          of the feeder supply from the
      has been for feedlot place-        proving feedlot situation.         North Plains to the South-
      ments to decline in July from      USDA is forecasting beef
      the previous month.  This          production to be down 1.2
      year, July feedlot placements      percent during the second
      were 4.1 percent higher com-       half of 2021. Declining feed-
      pared to June. Compared to         lot inventories and lower
      June, placements were 23           feedlot placements, support-
      percent higher this month          ed by an expected third con-
      in Colorado, 27 percent high-      secutive year of declining calf
      er in Iowa, 6 percent higher       crops, during the second half
      in Nebraska, and 5 percent         of the year would mean fewer
      higher in South Dakota.            cattle available for slaughter
         Notice that most of the in-     to begin 2022. USDA is pro-
      crease in placements came          jecting beef production to be
      from drought-impacted re-          down 3.2 percent in 2022.
      gions. August and September
      are generally good months

                                                                            DO NOT LET                        cols such as timing of vacci-
                                                                            continued from page 13            nation and which vaccine to
                                                                                                              use in your area should be
                                                                            damage to the corneal sur- discussed well in advance
                                                                            face.  This could be done by  with your veterinarian.
                                                                            clipping mature seedheads to         -As  always  be  sure  to  fol-
                                                                            reduce levels of dust or for- low sound nutrition protocols
                                                                            eign objects that can irritate  to maintain optimal health.
                                                                            the eyes.                         If trace mineral levels such
                                                                              -Ultraviolet sunlight in- as selenium and copper are
                                                                            creases  the chances  of dis- very low, or vitamin A for cat-
                                                                            ease development. Be sure  tle on low quality forages, the
                                                                            to provide plenty of shade.  animal’s immune system will
                                                                            Breeds that lack pigment on  be compromised, exacerbat-
                                                                            their  eyelids, such  as Here- ing the effects of pinkeye.
                                                                            fords and Charolais are more
                                                                            susceptible to pinkeye be-        UNL
                                                                            cause of increased sensitivity
                                                                            to sunlight.
                                                                              -Proper vaccination proto-
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