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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · October 6, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,
        Jerry Crownover                  at the local livestock auction,  enough self-restraint to not ac- are allowed to enter public
                                         but it appeared to be some- tually follow through.                   spaces  with  their  individual
                                         where around four to five feet       Over the past few years,  versions of support animals,
                                         in length—about the same as  we’ve seen people boarding  that may include everything
                                         the height of the young lady on  planes and entering other pub- from chickens, snakes, lizards,
                                         the other end of the leash. My  lic venues with strange crea- pigs, llamas, and ferrets, to…
                                         first thought was, what kind  tures of all types, under the  alligators.
                                         of parent would allow their  guise of being emotional sup-              The gator story made me
                                         young daughter to lead around  port animals. I guess I’m more  start wondering what our fa-
                                         a potentially deadly animal in  than a little old-fashioned,  vorite animal-rights group
                                         a public place? Looking  back  but when I think of emotion- would think. Surely, taking
                                         on when my sons were about  al support animals, I think of  a wild animal out of its origi-
                                         that age, I can remember times  dogs, maybe cats, and possibly  nal environment, restraining
                                         when I would like to have fed  (worst case scenario) a gerbil.  it in a harness, and leading it
                                         them to an alligator, but I had  However, in  this era, people                     continued on page 14
         You probably saw the news
      clip a few weeks ago, of the                               A STEP AH E AD
      young girl at the water park,
      leading her pet alligator on a
      leash. City officials, who were                  THE ADVANTAGE
      in charge of supervising the
      park, allowed the animal to
      accompany the girl, because
      she claimed the reptile was an                              Y O U C A N TRU S T
      emotional support animal.
         It was difficult for me to de-
      termine  the  size  of  the  gator
      from the picture, since I’m
      unfamiliar with estimating
      the weight of alligators, as
      they go through the sale ring

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