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 Replacement Heifer Sales

 Spring-Calving Bred Heifers   October 21, 2021   Volume 27   No. 10

                                                                                         OF BILATERAL ENGAGEMENT
                          WOTUS DEFINITION                                  CHINA PRESSES U.S. TO CANCEL TARIFFS IN TEST
         Recently a U.S. District  such nationwide injunctions                China said recently that it
      Court in  Arizona purported  from district courts that af- pressed  the  United  States  to
 Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021 • 11:00 AM   Friday, Dec. 10, 2021 • 7:00 PM   to vacate the navigable wa- fect non-parties to the origi- eliminate tariffs in talks be-
      ters protection rule (NWPR)  nal suit, the Biden adminis- tween the countries' top trade
 SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC   Farmington Regional Stockyards, LLC   nationwide. Despite a stand- tration announced it would  officials that  Washington saw
      ing U.S. Department of Jus- immediately abandon NWPR  as a test of bilateral engage-
 7505 Hwy 61, Fruitland, MO    1600 Woodlawn Drive, Farmington, MO   tice memorandum opposing  and write a new waters of  ment between the world's big-
                                           the U.S. (WOTUS) defini- gest economies.
                                           tion.  KLA and NCBA are            The virtual talks between
                                           asking members to sign  U.S.
 Crossbred & Purebred Heifers Available
 Crossbred & Purebred Heifers Available
 60   Angus, Gelbvieh/Balancer, Simmental,   Registered Angus, Angus , Red Angus,   90   onto a letter to Environ-  Katherine Tai and China's Vice   "The Chinese side negoti-
                                           mental  Protection Agency  Premier Liu He follow Tai's an- ated  over  the  cancellation  of
 & SimAngus   SimAngus, & Angus/Hereford    (EPA) Administrator  Mi- nouncement recently that she  tariffs and sanctions and clari-
                                           chael Regan urging the  would  seek  "frank"  talks  and  fied its position on China's eco-
                                           agency to adopt clear, fair  hold China to its commitments  nomic development model and
 •  Mostly black and black-baldies    •  Mostly black and black-baldies, a few red white face   continued on page 10  under  a "Phase 1" trade  deal  industrial policies," China's
                                                                            negotiated by former President  Xinhua state news agency said
 •  Sorted into uniform lots and guaranteed bred   •  Sorted into uniform lots and guaranteed bred   Donald Trump.          continued on page 23
 •  Many AI BRED & selling with known FETAL SEX   •  Many AI BRED & selling with known FETAL SEX   SECY. VILSACK, ‘I THINK AT THE END OF THE
                                                                                 CATTLE PRODUCERS OUTLINE INDUSTRY
                                 By Jenna Hoffman
 •  Due to calve from late January to early April 2022   •  Due to calve from late January to early April 2022   In April, the Biden Admin-  By Lane Nordlund
                                                                              The nation’s cattle markets  stated.  “Even in a good year,
 •  Daughters of Angus: SydGen Enhance, Mill Bar Hickok, SAV   • TIER II daughters out of Angus: Mill Bar Hickok, SydGen Black   istration released the Amer-  were in the spotlight during  the differences between mak-
 Bruiser, VAR Generation 2100, Connealy Cool, Werner Flat   Pearl, SydGen Enhance, BUBS Southern Charm, Jindra        ican Families Plan (AFP),   a recent House  Agriculture  ing a profit and a loss depend
      which included their inten-
 Top, Barstow Bankroll, MOGCK Entice, and Simmental:   Acclaim, GAR Sure Fire, Barstow Bankroll, Werner Flat Top,   tion to make stepped-up   Committee hearing in  Wash- upon factors outside of the
                                                                                                              ranchers' and farmers' control.
                                                                            ington, D.C.
 OVAL F All Time, CCR Boulder, TJ Roosevelt, CDI Mainline,   Connealy Cool, MOGCK Entice, Red Angus: Andras Fusion   basis, or accumulated gains   Livestock producers and  Let me be clear. The past few
      in asset value subject to cap-
 TJ Main Event, TJ Cowboy Up   • AI bred to INDUSTRY LEADING Angus and Red Angus bulls   ital gains taxation when the   industry leaders focused on  years have been anything but
                                                                            transparency, processing ca- good.  As producers struggled
 •  AI bred to high caliber bulls   asset owner dies, a law.                pacity, price discovery and  to get by, the large Meat Pack-
         The USDA Economic Re-
 C Coonnssiiggnnoorrss::      C Coonnssiiggnnoorrss::      search Service (ERS) recent-  oversight with the cattle mar- ers rake in record-breaking
                                                                                                              profits. Profits that have not
                                                                            kets and beef processing.
      ly released data to showcase
      Ben & Julie Davis, Farmington   those who would be affected             Todd  Wilkinson, a South  been equitably shared with
 Burgfeld Club Calves, Jackson   Flieg’s Farm, Ste. Genevieve   if the stepped-up basis were   Flory  agricultural America’s  Dakota rancher, and  Vice  cattle producers.”
                                         analysis of the stepped-up  President of the National Cat-
 Flieg’s Farm, St. Genevieve   Graham Family Farm, Farmington   approved in the AFP.   basis is mostly inaccurate,  tlemen’s Beef Association, told   continued on page 24
         USDA  Secretary Tom Vil-
 Glen Birk Farms, Jackson   Rick Grellner, Owensville   sack told  AgriTalk’s Chip   continued on page 13  committee members that cat-
                                                                            tle production is challenging,
 Kenny Spooler Farms, Jackson   Old Hickory Farms, Farmington               and even in a good year, the
 Willis Koenig, Perryville   Greg Tharp, Naylor    MANDATORY COOL DISCUSSIONS HEAT U  differences between making a
                                                                            profit and a loss depend upon
                                By Katie Humphreys
 Ludwig Simmentals, Jackson   The Little g Farm, Steelville   Recently, Sen. John Thune  beling Act is not the same as  factors outside of their control.
 Masters Farms, Inc., Cape Girardeau   Triple V Farms,  Perryville   (R-S.D.) joined Chip Flory,  the Product of the USA label.   “Cattle production is inher-
      AgriTalk host.  The conver- This act is focused on man- ently  challenging,”  Wilkinson
 Myers Farm, Oak Ridge   Offering online bidding through:    Turner Farms, Belgrade   sation primarily   datory country of
 Turner Farms, Belgrade   Dean & Dallas Wilson, Dittmer   revolved around   origin labeling.                 Coming Sales-30
 Underwood Simmentals, Bloomfield   that impact cattle   country of ori-                                     Life is Simple-5
      producers – man-                               gin labeling is
      datory      country                            an issue that has                                       Market Report-8
 For information or catalog contact:    For information or catalog contact:    of origin labeling   been around for a   Agribusiness
 Sale Manager, Darrell Aufdenberg • 573-270-6755   Kendra Graham • 573-756-4539 •   (mCOOL) and mandatory  long time. It’s one I’ve been   Directory-28
 Erin Larimore • 660-281-5518 •   Facebook: Show Me Select Bred Heifer Sale: Farmington    price reporting.   working on since my days
         First things first, Flory
 w wwwww..sseemmoobbeeeeff..ccoomm    F Faacceebbooookk::  SSEEMMOO  BBEEEEFF    says, the American Beef La-  continued on page 14
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