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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · October 1, 2020 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  during a three-day holiday           “Well, let’s get her in the  OF-A….gun.”
                                         weekend, I assured him that I  chute and see what might be              After composing myself,  I
                                         would be right over.               going on,” I requested.  The  went in, again, up to my arm-
                                            I got dressed and drove the  gentle cow went right in, so  pit, turned to the young couple
                                         one mile over to his corral,  I gloved up and proceeded to  and sadly stated, “We’ve got a
                                         where the cow was confined.  enter the business end, when  problem.” All I could feel was
                                         He  proceeded  to  tell  me  that  she promptly kicked the liv- a tail and one rear leg. For
                                         her water bag had been out  ing daylights out of my right  the next 45 minutes, in the
                                         for some time, but the cow  shin. The neighbor’s wife was  hot and humid air of a late
                                         was not straining or showing  there, holding the tail, so I was  summer night,  my  neighbor
                                         any other signs of labor, even  able to catch myself in time to  and I took turns trying to re-
                                         though she was due to calve.       only mutter the words, “SON-                    continued on page 14

         It was almost dark, on
      Labor Day evening, when my
      phone rang with the caller ID
      showing a  nearby neighbor
      was on the other end.
         “What are you doing?”
         “I’m just laying here on the
      couch,  watching TV. What’s
      going on?”
         My young neighbor asked
      if I might come over and look
      at one of his cows, that was
      having a problem.  Assuming
      that he had already hit a dead
      end in trying to get a vet out,

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