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The Midwest Cattleman · October 1, 2020 · P4
                                                                              I’d like to also say how  American heroes of our time.
                                                                            thankful  I  am  for  people  as     I am thankful for and sup-
                                         want to take for granted.          well.    I’m  thankful  for  our  port law enforcement officers
                                            Besides our health as indi-     Veterans!  No matter where  at every level.  If you assault
                                         viduals, there is reason to be     they served, they took an  one, or injure one, you should
                                         concerned about the health of      oath – one that has never ex- go to jail for a long time.  If
                                         our economy.   According to a      pired.   Those of the greatest  you kill one you should receive
                                         Texas A&M study, COVID-19          generation saved the world –  the ‘death penalty’.   Now to
                                         is expected to reduce the U.S.     those who served in Vietnam  those who are presently trying
                                         gross domestic product, GDP,       were never properly welcomed  to divide and ‘tear down’ this
                                         by almost 12% or $2.5 trillion     home.  Those who served more  country, I’m not thankful for
                                         and employment by 19 mil-          recently have been treated  you or your attitude.  I’m not
                                         lion full-time equivalent jobs     better because they were not.   impressed with your lies, your
                                         over the next year.    Obvious-    They all deserve our thanks!   logic, or your never-ending lit-
         For a week or so now, my  ly, some parts of our economy            I’m thankful for all of them.     any of B.S.
       wife and I have had the low- will suffer more than others.             To the people who rise each        Right now, we are all living
       grade fever, the headache, the  It seems to be coming back           morning and help put food on  in the freest, least racist, most
       body-aches and all the other  strong in most cases.                  America’s table and the table  ‘level playing field for all’ coun-
       symptoms that we have spent          Cattlemen do have tons of       of many around the world, I’m  try that has ever existed in the
       months trying to avoid.   I have  inventory on hand, with more       thankful for you as well!  For a  history of the world.  Never
       been a couple of days ahead  on the way, but it’s not rotting        long time now, Americans have  perfect, but always promising
       of her and last evening I lost  on  a  dock  somewhere  or  sit-     been able to spend a lower per- is this system we have that
       my sense of smell and taste–  ting in a restaurant refrigera-        centage of their disposable in- has raised more from poverty
       completely.  This morning, the  tor going bad.  I truly feel for     come on food than those of any  than any other.  The only time
       biscuits and gravy were great,  those whose businesses no lon-       nation, so if you build boats,  socialism  or Marxism has
       but I’m sure they would have  ger exist and those whose live-        work in the vacation or travel  worked has been at the barrel
       been  even  better  if  I  could  lihoods have been destroyed        industry, sell luxury items, or  of a gun – for the person with
       have smelled or tasted them.   by needless shutdowns.  Like          make your living in the world  the gun.
         Thankfully, like many other  the song says, “If I had to start     of recreation, you owe it all to     I’m thankful for freedom.
       folks we know, even Missou- again… I’d be thankful to                American farmers and ranch- And I will defend it.
       ri’s first family, our symptoms  be living here today.”  I sure      ers who deliver so much for so
       have remained minor.   The  can’t think of anywhere that             little.  History will show that   KwC
       governor’s office confirmed re- would be better.  If you have        they are the real, un-sung
       cently that a second, more ac- ever traveled abroad, then you
       curate test showed that Gov- know as well as anyone, this is
       ernor Mike Parson does have  a place to be thankful for.
       COVID-19, but the 65-year-           At this point, this pandemic
       old is not showing any symp- is really no longer a pandemic
       toms. His wife Teresa is said  and certainly is nothing like
       to have developed only mild  the one in 1918 where a mil-
       symptoms.                         lion people died every week for
         No one wants to be sick at  25 weeks in a row.  That year,
       all - period, but it is a relief and  the Spanish Flu eventually
       a reason for ‘thanksgiving’ to  ended up killing 50 million
       be on the backside of what we  people – both young and old.
       hope is a brief bout with this  We would be ‘beside’ ourselves
       virus and having, so far, been  today if we were burying our
       able to avoid a hospital.  Many  children and elderly in equal
       have not been so fortunate.  In  numbers.    I’m so very thank-
       every trying situation, there is  ful we are not back in 1918. We
       usually a reason for thanks- live in a better time – a time to
       giving.  If you look for it.      be thankful for.
         What we have learned               From the beginning, I’ve
       about this virus should help  said that only the naïve and
       motivate all of us to take better  foolish would think that this
       care of ourselves.  It’s always  is the worst virus, or health
       inspiring to see someone start  event that we may ever face.
       managing their health better  Obviously, we hope to never
       and start looking healthier as  face another, but if we do –
       a result.  Unfortunately, some  when we do face another, mil-
       of us have to have a  ‘brush  lions may be saved provided
       with death’ and pay doctors  that we learn from both the
       a fortune before making that  mistakes and ‘lessons learned’
       decision.  Seems like it would  brought on by this pandemic.
       be smarter and less expensive  There it is - one more thing in
       to just do it to begin with.  If  2020 to be thankful for.  They
       you have good health, or you  are not always in plain sight.
       still have an opportunity to  They can be elusive - you re-
       improve on it, be thankful.   ally have to look for them, but
       It’s not one of those things you  they are there.
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