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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                The Midwest Cattleman · February 25, 2021 · P5

        Copyright 2021,                  hundredweight less for them,  glad that I did, because normal  ther the calves, nor their mom-
        Jerry Crownover                  when it came time to sell the  years allow me to avoid the bit- mas moving too quickly to avoid
                                         calves, because their buyers  ter cold of January and the slop- the  procedure.  On  those  frigid
                                         were a little reluctant to bid up  py mud of late March and April.  mornings, however, I noticed
                                         the calves that showed a “little  Alas, not this year. I don’t have  that most of the calves I was
                                         ear.”  He  was  right  on  the  price  to tell any cattleman in the Mid- grabbing needed tagging a little
                                         discount, but I’m sure I more  west how awful the weather has  closer to their heads than I usu-
                                         than made up for the slightly  been, for calving through the  ally do, because the tips of their
                                         lower price with the significant  entire month of February—with  long ears were a little (or some-
                                         increase in pounds marketed  lows below zero and highs in the  times, a lot) frostbitten. From
                                         from the heavier calves.           single digits, for what seemed  experience, I know those frozen
                                            I’ve always started my spring  like, an eternity.                 ear tips will likely  slough  off,
                                         calving around February 1st,         Tagging  the  newborns  was  when normal weather resumes.
                                         and, nine years out of ten, I’m  easier than most years, with nei-                continued on page 10

         About three years ago, I
      switched the breed of bulls that
      I use on my cow herd. My cows,
      even  though  they  are  various
      colors, are all “English” breeds,
      and I had been using a different
      English breed bull on them for
      the past  twenty years. One  of
      my neighbors, across the road,
      raises  purebred  cattle  that  are
      Brahman influenced, and I was
      envious  of  how  they  seemed
      to outperform my calves, so I
         My cattle auction field man
      warned me that I might have
      to take two or three dollars per

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