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The Midwest Cattleman · April 21, 2022 · P4

                                         son  and  ‘mark’ the miles.        just watched.
                                         As I start to get a few more         He never missed
                                         summers on the odometer, I         a day of work. He
                                         can look back and call some        never offered to
                                         of them by name. There’s the       run off or go on
                                         ‘summer we built the house’;       strike except when
                                         the  ‘summer we went out           a    thunderstorm
                                         west’; and the summer we           might blow in.  He
                                         hauled our last load of ‘square    never  complained.
                                         bales’- you get the idea.  That    He could really
                                         summer could have several          “put on a pout” if
                                         names.    It  could  be  remem-    you pulled out of
                                         bered as the summer we went        the yard without
         Someone once said that if       to Colorado and walked along       him.   All he ever                to take his time and he was
      you have one good dog in your      the  ‘divide’, or the summer       wanted to do was –  ‘work’.   gentle with a new mother and
      lifetime, you’re a lucky man.      that  we  ‘cleaned out  nearly     And he could work.  Once he  her baby, but he could handle
      I’ve had more than my share,       every pond on the place’ be-       ‘loaded’ a 1600-pound bull  any ‘rip’ that gave him trouble
      but one in particular stands       cause they were all dry as a       into a stock-trailer right in  and he could send one back
      out.  For those who recog-         bone, but for me that summer       the  middle  of  a  pasture.  No  home in style.  Until he got
      nize this story, I have to say,    will be remembered  as the         panels, no fence –I’m talking  older, I never saw him back
      “Thank you for sticking with       summer I buried a long-time        “out in the middle’ – all by  down from a fight. I guess
      us all these years.” I never get   friend and companion.  We          himself!   All I  did  was close  later on he just got smarter.
      tired of re-counting it – the      called him Lad.                    the gate.   Another time he  Many times, and on sever-
      dog was ‘one of a kind’.  Even        If you’ve read this column      ‘corralled’ about 25 head of  al farms, I’d drive down the
      now, every time I see a photo      long you’ve heard of Lad.          the neighbor’s yearling heif- county road and he’d ‘gather’
      of the Border Collie, a smile      The Border Collie worked his       ers that had never seen a dog  every cow on the ‘eighty’ – I
      just comes – just like the dog     heart out on our operation for     before  -  from  a  muddy  trap  never could teach him to open
      himself - there’s no stopping      at least ten summers; add to       where we couldn’t even walk.  the gate, but he’d ‘guard’ it all
      it.                                those ten springs, ten winters     Lad knew when he’d done  morning if I told him to “stay”.
         Lad                             and ten falls. That would be       good… he had a way of ‘puff-         Lad and I had our own lan-
         Summers are like bill-          forty ‘quarters’ of heat, snow,    ing his chest out’ as if to say…  guage – nothing fancy.  There
      boards along life’s  highway.      and mud we worked together         “How about that?”                 was  a  whistle  for  ‘come’  or
      They stand out for some rea-       –  well  Lad  worked,  I  mostly     When I came out of the  ‘get  over here’. Sometimes it
                                                                            house each morning, Lad  meant… “Hey dog – where in
                                                                            would seem to know what the  the heck are you?  There was
                                      Tired of the stress                   morning agenda was going to  a whistle for ‘stop’, which to
                                                                            be. During ten years of AI, heat  Lad meant ‘slow down’, and a
                                     and complications                      checking, and some embryo  whistle for ‘speed it up, or get
                                                                            transfer work, both spring  up there’. The old dog never
                                             caused by                      and fall, I never brought a  made a sound – but he had
                                                                            cow  in  on  foot,  or  at  least  I  his “looks”.   When I sent him
                                       elastrator rings?                    never did it alone. There were  out into a really muddy trap
                                                                            several times over  the years  – his look said… “You got to
                                                                            I’d find myself at a neighbor’s  be kiddin’ me”.   When I’d try
                                       ... Put a WEE                        or  with  someone  who’d have  to get him to move because he
                                                                            cows out and I would  “step  was in the wrong place – his
                                                                            out” to lend a hand, and I’d be  look  said…  “Now leave me
                                              in your                       lost.  I didn’t drive cattle on  alone dang it – I’m right here
                                                                            foot at home.  He’d work for  – right where I need to be!”
                                        pocket today!                       anyone in the family. Most of  I never was able to decipher
                                                                            the time I never had to ‘send’  the look he gave me when
                                                                            Lad to do anything.  If I called  I  left  him  standing  in  the
                                                                            a group of cows, they all knew  driveway – when he couldn’t
                                                                            Lad was probably already  go along, but I’m sure if I had,
                                                                            on  the  way,  and  they  even  we wouldn’t be able to print it
                                                                            learned to look around to see  here word for word anyway.
                                                                            where the dog was.  All I had        We made one heck of a
                                                                            to do was look toward a bunch  team – that old dog and me.
                                                                            of calves and Lad would line  It’s going to be a long time be-
                                                                            up for an ‘out-run’… if I didn’t  fore I get out of the habit of
                                                                            see him or call him, he’d soon  whistling – “Hey dog– where
                 Compression                                                be behind them headed for  are you?” when I come out
                                                                                                              that back door.  As I said when
                                                                            the corral.
                    Analgesic             Made in USA                       count how many steps that  a cedar that summer…  “I’m
                                                                              There’s no way to ever  I left him under the shade of
                  1-800-858-5974                                            old dog saved us.  He’d go a  sure gonna miss you buddy.”
                                                                            mile to get the last cow, and  And I sure have.
                                                                            he’d go back again to get an-
                                             other – all I had to say was,     KwC
                                                                            “look back”.  He knew how
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