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                      April 21, 2022   Volume 28   No. 5

                     BRAZILIAN BEEF IMPORTS                                   The latest USDA Cattle  ments were at the upper end

         Following the USDA re-                                             on Feed report  revealed  a  of the range of expectations
                                                                            March 1 feedlot inventory of  and higher than the average
      port highlighting an increase                                         12.16 million head across the  trade  guess. He said  strong
      in Brazilian beef imports,                                            U.S., setting a record for the  placements were aided by
      the National Cattlemen’s                                              month.  The March feedlot  dry winter grazing condi-
      Beef Association  (NCBA)                                              total was down only slight- tions forcing cattle to mar-
      renewed its call for the im-                                          ly from the February peak  ket early and strong prices
      mediate suspension of fresh                                           of 12.19 million head, which  that encouraged feeder sales,
      beef imports from Brazil.                                             was a record for all months.  some earlier than planned or
      NCBA has repeatedly called                                            In Kansas, cattle on feed  anticipated. Placements in
      for a thorough audit of Bra-                                          numbers were up 2% as of  Kansas during the month of
      zil’s animal health and food       by  131  percent.  In  the  first   March 1 at 2.51 million head.  February were up 13%, total-
      safety system, to ensure the       three months of 2022, Bra-           February feedlot place- ing 430,000 head.
      safety of the U.S. cattle herd.    zil has already shipped more       ments in the U.S. were 1.85          Peel said looking ahead,
      In 2021, Brazilian exports to      than  50,000 metric tons  of       million head, up 9.3% year  the bulge in February feedlot
      the United States increased                     continued on page 10  over year and the highest  placements likely will be off-
                                                                            February placements since  set by sharply lower March
             BEEF EXPORT DEMAND SOARS, PORK                                 2019.  According to Oklaho- placements.  Total feeder re-
                          EXPORTS DECLINE                                   ma State University Exten- ceipts from auctions, direct
                                By Greg Henderson                           sion Livestock Marketing  and  internet sales  for the
         Beef exports continued on  demand from China/Hong                  Specialist Derrell Peel, place- first three weeks of March are
                                                                                                              down 17% year over year. He
      a  torrid  pace  in  February,  Kong.                                                                   said feedlots will have plen-
      while pork exports trend-             “Rarely  have  we  seen  so                                       ty of cattle to market for an-
      ed lower. Data released by  many outside forces creating                                                other few months, but tighter
      USDA and compiled by the            headwinds for U.S. meat ex-                                         placements are ahead.
      U.S. Meat Export Fed-                     ports and such uncer-
      eration      (USMEF)                        tainty in the global                                        KLA
      show  growth  in                              marketplace,” said
      beef value exports                            USMEF President          VILSACK: ONLY 1.8 MIL. OF 4 MIL. EXPIRING
      in key  Asian and                              and    CEO      Dan            CRP ACRES WILL BE RE-ENROLLED
      Latin     American                             Halstrom.       “Yet
      markets,       while                          consumer demand           During a call with reporters  acres would be offered.  That
      pork exports saw                              for     high-quality    from Mexico recently, USDA  would be a net loss of about
      continued decline in                        beef, pork and lamb       Secretary Tom Vilsack provid- 1.4 million total CRP acres,
                                                                            ed more details regarding the  which would mesh with  Vil-
                                                      continued on page 10  general Conservation Reserve  sack stating that there would
               GLOBAL BEEF UPDATE: EXPORTERS                                Program (CRP) signup that  be a net reduction in CRP of
                                                                            ended March 11.
                                                                                                              around 1.5 million acres.
                       By Derrell Peel - Oklahoma State University            He said only 1.8 million of        “We got a few new con-
         In recent weeks, the USDA  ports provide the most cur- the 4 million acres in expiring  tracts, but nowhere near the
      Foreign Agricultural Service  rent assessment of the global  contracts will be re-enrolled  number of contracts that did
      has posted numerous coun- livestock and poultry market  in the program as 52% to 56%  not re-up,” Vilsack said, add-
      try reports from beef produc- situation.                              of the maturing acres were  ing the data prove there was
      ing, consuming, and trading           Global beef production is  not offered in the general sig- no reason for him to open CRP
      countries, culminating in the  projected to expand in 2022  nup. He also said that new  to emergency cropping.  “The
      April release of the Livestock  with increased production  contracts on around 800,000                                continued on page 12
      and Poultry: World Markets  in Brazil, China, India, Aus-
      and Trade report.  These re- tralia, and Mexico offsetting
                                         decreased production in the                                        Coming Sales-38
                                         U.S.,  Canada,  the  European                                      Life is Simple-5
                                         Union (E.U.) and Argentina.                                        Market Report-8
                                         Global beef trade is project-
                                         ed to continue expanding to                                        Agribusiness
                                         new record levels in 2022.                                         Directory-36
                                            Brazil is projected to be

                                                      continued on page 10
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