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NCBA                                                                                         The Midwest Cattleman · April 21, 2022 · P10
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                                         ing to report BSE cases in a  partner, capable of adhering  is charged a rate of 4.4 cents
      fresh beef to the U.S.             timely manner. It’s incred- to our standards.                        per  kilogram, and beef sold
         This unprecedented surge        ibly disappointing to have                                           over  the  quota  is  charged  a
      of imports triggered a tem-        our science-based recommen-        Background:                       26.4 percent tariff.
      porary tariff safeguard of         dations met with no notable          Only 12 percent of beef            According to the latest U.S.
      26.4 percent that will apply       response by the U.S. Depart-       consumed  in America is im-       Customs and Border Protec-
      to Brazilian beef imports for      ment of  Agriculture,” said        ported, and nearly 75 percent     tion report, the “Other Coun-
      the rest of 2022. While a tem-     NCBA Vice President of Gov-        of beef imports are lean beef     tries” quota is full, resulting
      porary tariff increase may         ernment Affairs Ethan Lane.        trimmings used in combina-        in a tariff increase on beef
      discourage further imports         “As beef imports from Bra-         tion with fattier trimming to     imports from Brazil, Japan,
      from Brazil, it does not ad-       zil continue to rise, we urge      make ground beef.  The ma-        Ireland, Lithuania, and the
      dress the underlying concern       USDA to reconsider their           jority of imported beef comes     United Kingdom for the re-
      over Brazil’s repeated failure     stance on Brazilian beef and       from countries that have for-     mainder of 2022.  A majori-
      to adhere to international         take necessary action to safe-     malized trade agreements          ty of the quota was met due
      animal health and food safe-       guard the integrity of the en-     with the United States or         to the 50,000 metric tons of
      ty standards.                      tire U.S. food supply chain.”      who have specific import quo-     fresh beef imports from Bra-
         “We are, once again, call-         NCBA believes that re-          tas. All other beef imports are   zil to the United States in the
      ing on Secretary  Vilsack to       stricting Brazilian imports        sold under the “Other Coun-       first quarter of 2022.
      suspend fresh beef imports         altogether is essential until      tries” annual quota of 65,000
      from Brazil, because of that       Brazil proves it is a trust-       metric tons. Beef sold under
      country’s long history of fail-    worthy and reliable trade          the “Other Countries” quota

      BEEF EXPORT                        national demand has never            Pork exports suffered the  ports  were also  down 17%
      continued from page 3              been higher and global sup- first two months of 2022  in volume (407,347 mt) and
      has proven resilient, and  plies remain tight,” Halstrom  from logistics challenges and  14% in value ($1.1 billion).
      USMEF sees opportunities  said.  “We anticipated a lift  compounded by lower-priced                        “European       hog    prices
      for further growth in both es- from COVID-related foodser- offerings from competitors,  jumped sharply in March,
      tablished and emerging mar- vice restrictions being eased  USMEF said. Like the U.S.,  climbing about 35% com-
      kets.”                             in many destinations.  This  these suppliers are shipping  pared to February,” Halstrom
         Beef exports have in- materialized late last year  significantly lower volumes  explained.  “While this came
      creased  9% during  the first  and  in early  2022, although  to China/Hong Kong, which  too  late  to  impact  our  Feb-
      two months of this year while  conditions still vary by coun- has pushed more product  ruary export results, it could
      value has soared 46% higher  try. While lockdowns in China  into other markets at re- lead to more favorable mar-
      to $1.93 billion. In February,  and Hong Kong are certain- duced prices.                                ket conditions going for-
      beef exports totaled 108,501  ly a setback for foodservice              The value of pork ex- ward.”
      metric tons, up 5%.                demand, those are the main  ports fell 14% in February to
         “Broad-based growth has  exceptions as most countries  $541.3 million while volume
      become a recurring theme for  have shifted to more of a liv- fell 17% to 198,539 metric
      U.S. beef exports, as inter- ing-with-COVID approach.”                tons.  Through February, ex-

      GLOBAL BEEF                        iff Rate Quota (TRQ) is met.  covering.   Production of bo- half the level of  Australia,

      continued from page 3                 The second tier of beef ex- vine meat in India includes  and  these  include  Argenti-
      the  largest beef  exporting       porting countries are a much  beef and meat from water  na, the E.U., New Zealand,
                                                                                                              Canada, and Uruguay.  Col-
                                         smaller second, third  and  buffalo (carabeef).
      country again in 2022 with
      exports forecast to increase       fourth place behind Brazil.          Australia is forecast to  lectively, exports from these
                                         The U.S., India and Austra- be the fourth largest beef  five countries are projected
      12.1% year-over-year.  Brazil
      has been the largest beef ex-      lia are all roughly the same  exporting country in 2022.   to decrease by 3.4 % in 2022,
                                         size as exporters.  By a small  Beef production in Australia  with only the E. U. showing
      porting country for the last
      five years consecutively and       margin, the latest USDA  dropped to the lowest level  a slight increase in exports.
                                         forecast is for the U.S. to be  in more than two decades in  Together, the top nine ex-
      the largest in 14 of the last
      20 years after first becoming      the second largest beef ex- 2021 as the industry began  porting countries are fore-
                                         porting country for the sec- to rebuild from several  cast to account for nearly 87
      the largest exporting country
      in 2004.  Brazil is projected      ond consecutive year in 2022,  years of drought-forced liq- % of global beef exports in
                                         with total exports just 58 %  uidation.   Beef exports are  2022.   Additionally, beef ex-
      to account for 22% of global
      beef exports this year.  After     of exports from Brazil. U.S.  forecast to increase by 14.2  ports from Mexico and Para-
                                         beef exports are expected to  % year over year in 2022.   guay are forecast at slightly
      disruptions in 2021, Bra-
      zil is again exporting beef        decline modestly from record  Australia accounted for just  more than half of the Argen-
                                         2021 levels but will remain  12.3 % of U.S. beef imports  tina level and bring the total
      to China/Hong Kong.   Ex-
      ports to the U.S. increased by     at historically high levels.       in 2021, the lowest on record.   share of the top eleven beef
                                            India is forecast to be the  This compares to an average  exporters to 93 % of the glob-
      131% in 2021 and are sharp-
      ly  higher  thus  far  in  2022,   third largest beef exporting  share of nearly 29 % for the  al total in 2022.
                                         country in 2022 with exports  prior 20 years.
      following increased Brazil-
      ian market access for fresh        increasing year over year            The top four beef exporting
                                         from 2021 levels.  India was  countries represent about 60
      product in early 2021.  How-
      ever,  Brazil  will  encounter     the largest global beef ex- % of the 2022 projected glob-
                                         porter  from  2014-2016  but  al total in the USDA report.
      sharply higher tariff rates in
      2022 for exports to the U.S.       slowed and declined to a re- The third tier of beef export-
                                         cent low in 2020 before re- ing countries begin at about
      once the “other country” Tar-
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