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NCBA SLAMS PCRM COMPLAINT                                                    The Midwest Cattleman · September 30, 2021 · P14
                      WHO PRETEND TO BE DOCTORS.”                           BIDEN
                                    By NCBA                                 continued from page 3
         NCBA, working as a con- in the U.S., according to the  has a higher heat-trapping po-                   "We are proud of the U.S.
      tractor to the  Beef Check- EPA.1  And according to  tential than CO2, but it breaks  cattle industry's track record
      off, recently developed a  USDA and the UN FAO, the  down in the atmosphere fast- of continual innovation to
      campaign to transparent- U.S. has produced the most  er, so “strong,  rapid  and sus- improve environmental out-
      ly share the beef industry’s  sustainable beef in the world  tained reductions” in methane  comes, and we are committed
      science-based sustainability  for decades and has reduced  emissions in addition to slash- to writing the next chapter in
      story and connect consum- emissions per pound of beef  ing CO2 emissions can have a  that history of stewardship
      ers  with facts  about how  by 40% since the 1960s.2, All  climate impact quickly.                      with the voluntary, indus-
      their  beef  is  raised.  Part  of  of this information is scien-       Reuters  reported  that  a  try-led goal of demonstrating
      this campaign included very  tifically vetted and publicly  separate document listed over  climate neutrality by 2040,"
      successful ads in Wall Street  available.3                            two dozen countries the U.S.  said NCBA Vice President of
      Journal, New York Times and           PCRM’s attack on these  and the EU will target to join  Government  Affairs  Ethan
      Washington Post.                   ads conflates global data with  the pledge. They include major  Lane. "We’ve engaged with the
         The campaign reached  U.S. numbers and ignores  emitters such as China, Rus- Biden administration since
      millions of consumers and  the growing body of evidence  sia, India, Brazil and Saudi  day one to ensure the U.S. cat-
      inspired curious readers to  that beef is not only an im- Arabia, as well as others in- tle industry is recognized for
      learn more. Unsurprising- portant part of a sustainable  cluding Norway, Qatar, Brit- our strong record of environ-
      ly, the campaign also led to  food system in the U.S., but  ain, New Zealand and South  mental stewardship and that
      mudslinging from animal ac- also nourishes the  land it’s  Africa.                                      our voice, and our priorities,
      tivist groups who must grasp  raised on through carbon se-              America’s cattle industry is  are heard loud and clear. The
      at straws because they know  questration, wildlife habitat  watching closely as the Biden  administration  cannot  ac-
      that less than 5% of the U.S.  preservation and more.4                administration takes steps to  complish lasting conservation
      population claim to be vege-          Physicians Committee for  rein in climate change. Specif- without  the  buy-in  of  cattle
      tarian.                            Responsible Medicine’s cri- ically, cattlemen object to their  producers."
         Physicians        Committee tiques are not only baseless  carbon footprint being equat-                 NCBA’s statement said cat-
      for Responsible Medicine  and inaccurate but also try to  ed with those from other coun- tle  emit  methane  when  they
      (PCRM) recently petitioned  scare media from sharing im- tries.                                         digest  their  food.  This  hap-
      both USDA and the Federal  portant stories and suppress                 Frank Mitloehner, profes- pens due to the cow's special-
      Trade Commission, suggest- information that consum- sor and air quality expert at  ized ruminant digestive sys-
      ing our ads downplayed cat- ers deserve to know. NCBA  the University of California at  tem,  which  allows  cattle  to
      tle’s role in the environment.  stands by this campaign and  Davis, says that while it’s true  consume grasses which grow
      PCRM masquerades as med- will not be silenced by ani- cattle are the number 1 agri- on marginal land that would
      ical authorities, despite the  mal extremists who pretend  cultural source of GHGs glob- be otherwise unusable for
      fact that fewer than 10% of  to be doctors.                           ally, it’s a different  story in  growing food. The gas breaks
      PCRM’s members are actual-            1.EPA.  2021.  Inventory  of  U.S.   the U.S. Research suggests on  down in the atmosphere in
      ly physicians. PCRM, which         Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks:   a global scale, cattle account  9-12 years, is sequestered in
      acts as a front for animal         1990-2019. U.S. Environmental Protec-  for 14.5% of emissions. In the  soil and grasses, and then con-
      rights extremists, has zero        tion Agency, Washington, D.C.      U.S., however, ruminants ac- sumed by ruminant animals
                                            2.USDA-NASS Quick Stats  Tools.
      expertise in sustainability.       Available   at: https://quickstats.nass. count for just 4% of all GHGs  as part of a natural grazing
      Their  sole  aim  is  to  pedal and beef cattle are responsible  cycle.
      plant-based diets. More than  3A66-9B6C-2E1220FEBF52?piv-             for just 2% of direct emissions.     In recent years, GWP100
      that, PCRM has been linked         ot=short_desc                        News of Biden’s endorse- — the default method for cal-
      with PETA and even with               3.U.N. Food and Agriculture Organi-  ment of the Global Methane  culating greenhouse gas emis-
      groups that the FBI has des-       zation. FAOSTAT Database – Food and   Pledge drew a response from  sions — has come under crit-
                                         agricultural data.  Available at: http://
      ignated as domestic terror-       the National Cattlemen’s Beef  icism in the global scientific
      ists.                                 4.Taylor, DT, et al. 2019. National  Association  (NCBA)  which  community for failing to accu-
         PCRM’s questionable rep-        and State Economic  Values of Cattle  urged the administration to  rately account for the impact
      utation aside, the facts and  Ranching  and  Farming  Based  Ecosys-  maintain an open dialog with  of short-lived emissions like
      science are on  beef’s side.       tem Services in the U.S. University of   experts in agriculture.     methane, NCBA said. GWP*
      Just as the ads cited, beef        Wyoming Extension B-1338.            In a statement, NCBA said  is gaining support among sci-
      cattle only account for 2%                                            to achieve the goal of reduc- entists as a more appropriate
      of greenhouse gas emissions                                           ing methane emissions by  measure of methane's actual
                                                                            one-third by 2030, the admin- effect on the climate. NCBA
                                                                            istration will need the volun- has long advocated for the use
                                                                            tary participation, scientific  of the most up-to-date science
                                                                            research and practical knowl- and data as the foundation of
                                                                            edge  of  U.S.  cattle  produc- federal climate policy. As the
                                                                            ers. NCBA said the industry  GWP* methodology is adopted
                                                                            stands ready to continue lead- around the globe, NCBA sup-
                                                                            ing the American agricultural  ports the United States' ad-
                                                                            community — and the rest of  aptation of its policy to reflect
                                                                            the world — on responsible re- the best available science.
                                                                            source management.                   The administration has not an-
                                                                              Last  month,  NCBA  an-         nounced any policies or directives to re-
                                                                            nounced it will work to demon-    strict  beef  consumption  in  the  United
                                                                            strate climate neutrality for     States.
                                                                            the cattle industry by 2040.      Drovers
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